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Website is looking good. Hopefully they will keep it updated with pictures etc...  
Socks - Pantherella CashmerBoots Boots - Tods No Code    
New G&G Deco Bates that arrived this week from Bespoke England    
Pictures from Nick on the latest pairs arriving tomorrow         
Oakham in the Navy and Black grain will look fantastic this is what im thinking for my next MTO just need to get the fit right on the 1st pair just sent them back to Nick for some adjustments 
Might be able to get them out next July with any luck 
Thanks!!! Hopefully get a dry day soon to give them a go
Want to say thanks to Nick for these. Pictures by Bespoke England              
I don't think you will see a massive improvement on the fit but it will feel special on your wedding day as you've had a pair made for it.    I'd maybe go MTO Deco if your thinking black
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