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Says Vintage Chestnut actually! 
It is just seen on Nicks blog   This this could be my next purchase 
Nick what is this boot and colour? 
Happened to me i just cut if off.  
This sounds interesting Nick keep me posted 
I know the feeling im on my 6th pair and had some major issues with loafers and monks the just killed me as soon as put them on. Had them stretched slightly and see how they get on. Lace ups are perfect tho.   Anyone know if the sizing changes from a TG73 to a DG70?
Its a bit off a piss take for us UK guys paying full price and seeing others getting them so much cheaper. G&G just shouldn't be in Barney's 
100% do it. He needs a few days tho 
Just got my "Kent" back from shinning by The Shoe Snob - Justin FitzPatrick check out his blog guys really recommend him.   Shoes are G&G "Kent" in Black Calf and Black Suede    
Some great pictures on there. Surprising how the light can change a colour so much   
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