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Great bags.   Anyone know an estimate price in the UK?
I ended up going for a Tom Ford wallet and card holder. Waiting on the delivery from Harrods will upload pictures when i get them
Selling 2 Tom Ford Shirts one white and the other a light blue. Both Shirts are a UK 15.5 Euro 39.   White             Light Blue      
What are you thinking?  
Maybe with a Velvet Dinner Jacket?    Very cool BTW 
Had a look around Huntsman a few months back really like the cut they do maybe have a look in each and choose what style you like best as all are very different.   JW 
Great Shoe   
anyone any pictures of Tom Ford Wallets that they have had?
Got these on order!   
Hi guys,   Im looking for a new wallet and really struggling to find anything i really like. I need minimum 6 cards and notes are if anyone can give me some ideas it would be great.   JW
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