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the UK
Can anyone recommend a good cleaning kit / trunk? 
thanks for that but I'm looking to see a glove maker in person if anyone knows of anyone? 
Hi,   I really struggle for leather gloves does anyone know where you can get some bespoke gloves made?  
great looking show i have an Edward Green shoe like this
Im sure we can make one for you if your in the UK. Coats start from £1,000.   www.charlescampbellbespoke.co.uk
if you curl your hands under the jackets and run them along it should be the correct length 
Has side vents but you can pick side, single or non as its MTM 
Here is a Glorious Twelfth cloth by Porter and Harding   Suit by Charles Campbell Bespoke Tailoring - www.charlescampbellbespoke.co.uk        
Here is a new suit by Charles Campbell Bespoke   
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