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Very true.   Just ordered 4 MTO G&G's yesterday so when they eventually arrive in 5 months i'll post them up.   Whats in your collection Sir F? 
They will be getting a good polish next week
Today I'm wearing my "Grant" Vintage Oak TG73 6.5 F   Could do with a little touch up they are 2 years old now  
What can you suggest? I've only ever seen Vintage Oak made up and love them!
Looking at buying my 1st pair of Deco's what can anyone suggest that looks good made up?    My thoughts so far are the "Bates" in Vintage Oak or "Bowlly" in Vintage Oak. Has anyone got / seen these made up or can suggest anything else.   My current wardrobe consists off:   Kent - Black and Black suede  Grant - Vintage Oak Nice - Vintage Oak Nice - Brandy Calf
Can anyone tell me the difference in fit from A Deco range shoe and a TG73? I own 2 pairs in the TG73 but looking at buying the "Bates" but they are in the Deco range   If anyone could help it would be much appreciated    Jonny
I've been thinking about ordering these for a while now can you tell me the colour you ordered?
Are the loafers bespoke? Would love a pair of those!
Can you let me know the colour code and model for the tan show you have put a picture up off. Im looking to add this shoe to my collection    JW
we only need 4 meters for a suit so no idea why he says you need 7.5 per suit 
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