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Hi Sam, do you have any images you can send us?    Jonathan
Still no MTO and they aren't the best of styles I have ever seen. Loving the John Lobb Chapel on there website. 
Love the V12 Vantage! Would look very cool stepping out in a pair of "Nice" loafers and jeans 
Wow!! these look great. Can't wait till my pair arrives. Think Racing green might need to be my next pair 
Could the creasing be something to with that i have a F fitting and maybe need to try the E?   I have a pair of E fitting coming this week to try 
Thanks they are my own  Chalk strip flannel from J&J Minnis. 
I've got Nick sending me a 6.5 E fit so will give that a try and let you guys know how it feels compared to my 6.5 F
I might try the E fitting as I have F but i have wide feed to think the E would just be painful 
They where fitting by a G&G seller. I tried the next size down and i couldn't even get them on. I think it has maybe happened from wearing them for 2 years very often as my "Kents" haven't done this but only warn them a handful of times so far. Im already 1/2 a size down from usual.   Whats your thought? TBH is person its not as bad and I've seen loads of peoples warn shoes looking the same
Not much i can do about it tho 
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