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Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph. Not had this on for a while thought i would give it a run out.   Sorry for the bad picture!   
What I'm wearing today  
Ill get some posted for you Sir F.   Grants won't be back till monday that have been away for cleaning!
Ive got 2 pairs:   "Kent" in Black and Black suede  "Grant" in Vintage Oak   Ordered 4 more pairs to arrive in October (Cant wait)
Nick said it was a bespoke colour but i think the closest is Vintage Pine
I've just ordered the Deco Bowlly in this colour only 5 months to do 
I will don't worry and of course with a pair of G&G's on 
Thanks just order 3 pairs 
Can you recommend a website no one seems to have a good selection 
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