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Thanks my friend, Hopefully purchasing a AP ROO for the summer will upload pictures if so. Got a bit of a special watch to show you at the end of the week too 
I think when my shoes arrive i might invest in a pair of those just want to make sure the 1st pairs fit ok. I want to wear my G&G loafers without socks in summer but not sure if i will slide them on ok
Bespoke Tailoring is just a passion and it doesn't pay well. haha. 
I'll post a few more ASAP!
No both in standard Calf leather    They do the "Nice" in suede but i prefer the leather as you see the punch hole detail more  
Patek Philippe - Annual Calendar  
Sir F ordered 2 pairs of Loafers just got to wait till October till i get them but pictures below of what I've ordered if this helps.   Pictures from Nick at Bespoke England was a great help in choosing  
Glad you like!! 
Yesterdays watch!    Richard Mille RM10 Ti  
New Posts  All Forums: