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Yes correct you can pick from any existing design. Very nice, how are you finding them? 
WG this one 
When i ordered my shoes they asked what detail i wanted on the toe. Agree with the initialling. What bespoke's have you got? 
They are all amazing its so hard to pick!!!! 
I think you can specify this on MTO
Do you have some to show us? 
Those Stingrays are a must buy!
haha... we both have very good tastes 
I was wondering if anyone has had any velvet slippers by C&J done with there own emblem / initials done on the toe? I'm looking to buy a pair and wondered what you guys thought?   Jonathan
Thanks my friend, Hopefully purchasing a AP ROO for the summer will upload pictures if so. Got a bit of a special watch to show you at the end of the week too 
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