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hahaha, I saw a nice collection on Friday i think it was 4 of them but cost £1.3mil 
They look great. Would like to know how my initials would look before buying.    Tempted to wait to see what G&G bring out 
anyone got there hands on a Patek Philippe Gondolo?
Ah.... lets hope so! 
I was looking at the C&J ones but can't find any on SF that have been personalised with initials on there. What are yours like Sir F?
think I'm going to do the same. Still looking for some cool slippers do G&G do any? 
really like that. How much are you talking? 
Thats what I've done 
Ive ordered 2 pairs of loafers but i know its going to be hard to get them on
anyone else struggle to get in there G&G's without socks? 
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