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Got this a couple of weeks ago.    
any chance you could put a picture up?
  i dont think it was the fit i think its just i didn't look after that pair very well and are nearly 3 years old and hammered. My 2nd pair i got are doing fine so we will see. I tried the standard width and couldn't get them on 
Ive just seen these navy and black shoes earlier in the thread and was wondering if anyone owns a pair of G&G's in this colour and if so do you struggle wear them as in what do you wear them with? Also the Racing Green i love them both but think i would struggle to get wear out of them as they are so hard to dress. If you could let me know that would be great.    
Great looking fabrics but also very light and could wear through. Also another good book to look at is the Porter and Harding Glenroyal bunch
Wow these are amazing
I like this!!! 
Thats not bad turn around for G&G 
Need to make some more money 
Love these!! 
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