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Very nice looking boot what model is it? 
I have these coming i can't wait! 
Sold!!! I have these coming so will see how they fit and order as yours they looking amazing congratulations     
Very Nice!!!!
Anyone had / got a Tom Ford Briefcase? 
OK great ill give Harrods a call see what they say
Thanks for that.    When you say Leather Billfold are you talking about a 6 card wallet and a place for cash?
Good to know the quality is good.   Any indication on prices for them? We don't have anyone stocking them in Manchester so need to ring Harrods up. 
Hi,    Im looking at buying a Tom Ford Wallet not sure if any of you guys have one etc... wanted to know what you think of them and what the quality is like. I love the Hermes wallets but its seems sill going out spending £850.00 on a wallet that will last 5mins with soft leather.    If you have any other suggestions please let me know.   JW
Very tempted... think ill wait till my current MTO shoes arrive then maybe order a pair in Racing Green and Blue any idea what look good? 
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