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We are based in Manchester but come to London often.    Website is www.charlescampbellbespoke.co.uk   They are full bespoke pattern if drafted for you and kept on file. We don't do fittings but im not 100% sure anyone does fittings on shirts.
Don't want to sound like im trying to sell you anything but we are a tailors and do bespoke shirts for £120.00. We will be in London in the next 4 weeks.   Sorry to anyone that gets annoyed when people are trying to sell anything just wanted to help this guy out.
Like this     
Think you might struggle at that price range down in London. Emma Wills is good but your looking at £250 up for a shirt again! 
The camera might not be giving a true colour still a great looking shoe
Give Nick a call he will let you know. There is 100% a Dark Cherry ive seen a pair in the flesh it is a MTO colour i think.   Great looking shoe 
These look fantastic Nick!  
This guy has some serious style loving the shoes!! 
No these are for men! 
Just got these for my holiday. Very in your face i know!!!   Tods Loafers in Pony Hair        
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