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Incoming typhoon. 
Ordered.  Great deal and price.  
Does anyone have experience with sous-vide? 
I did no TV for a year and a half.  Last March, I purchased a TV for the hell of it.  Complete waste of money - I turn it on about once a month.
Thoughts on the Sorel '64 reserve?   I wouldn't call it a winter boot, but I'm kinda liking this as well...  
Bought the beeswax db a month or two ago and proceeded to wear the hell out of them. They were good for the first month, but the sole has either worn or warped to the point that it feels - and looks - like I'm walking on a cut off basket ball. The center of the bottom around the ball of the foot sticks out a good half inch compared to the rest of the sole. It kind of sucks. Has this happened to anyone else? Should I resole (or can I get away with sanding it down)?
Trying to find a brown boot that I can beat to death with six months of continuous wear while still looking good.  Serious about the 'beat to death' part.  These things need to be able to eat mud - usability is key. 
Now things are getting a little odd. The Slim Guys came in today - they fit at the thighs and the hip. However, they're a good 1-2" big at the waist. Should I return and size down, or should I have the waist hemmed in by a tailor?  
  I pulled the trigger on the Slim Guys.  Getting back to the N&F vs. Nudies, I couldn't find anything that would justify the price difference and - even though it shouldn't matter - it looks like the deep dyed N&Fs fade better than the Nudies.     First real purchase, so I'm alright if they blow out after a year.  As I wrote above, once I get experience with a starter pair - if I'm still into this - I'll probably look to go for a quality repro for my next cop.    
@dmash - Agreed.  I went with true waist because it's unambiguous, but depending on the rise I'm looking at ~35.5" - 36".  I've been wanting to pull the trigger on some Sugar Canes from Self Edge ever since I started looking into 501 repos.  I haven't looked into the Dry Bones, but I'd feel safer with something under $200 for my first quality pair of denim - once I know what I'm doing, wouldn't have any problem dropping $300+.   Edit:  The Dry Bones in size 34" definitely...
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