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Do you still have this? it says its closed but your post says its on hold...
Hi,    I see you were online 4 days ago, and that you log in relatively frequently, but I NEVER receive replies from you. I've PMed you many many times now. I want these shoes! What do I need to do to buy them from you??? Can you please let me know??
why aren't these in size 44???!!!
bless 4 zipper wallet brand new - never used 100% leather outside 4 ykk zippers - super tough and durable price: $160 shipped - add 4% paypal or mark as gift super rare and super thin wallet. i just bought it (paid $235) but have to sell it to fund another expense. ill need to sell it asap. i've never ever used it. pm me!!!
Item: APC Jeans Fit: New Standard (I think.. it doesn't say but they fit like NC to me) Wash: Wine Red Corduroy Size: 30 x 34 Waist: 15.5" Thigh: 9" Leg Opening: 7" Condition: 100% Brand new never ever worn.. been sitting in my closet for a while now   The pics don't do these justice.... I can't get a good pic of the color but they are a beautiful wine red.. I think these came out only in one season maybe back in '08 or '09. They are awesome but I am...
SOLD!!!!!! PS. how do you close this out??  
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