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 not laying evenly on a flat surface is a normal effect on many acetate sunglasses. This doesn't mean the quality is off and is most likely cause by manufactured packaging when they fold them. You can adjust them to lay evenly on the floor but I suggest if they fit your face fine don't. Those are a nice pair. How much did you end up getting them for?
Nice consistent collection shark. You're really making me want to get a pair of Sheldrakes ( Been interested in photo-chromatic lenses for a while) . how's the quality of Moscots compared to OP? I know their handmade in china so I'm skeptical on them a bit. If I knew someone who could give me a discount on them I'd be more inclined to buy them. Might be able to get sheldrakes for a deep discount from a store near me.  Those Barton's are amazing by the way/
double post.
Price lowered a bit. :)
  I need help finding out what these lovely pair are. I'm thinking Oliver Peoples or Garrett Leight. The lenses are particularly interesting to me and I can't find them on either companies site.   Also, nice collection you got there sharkrunner. I find those Masunaga GMS 805's interesting. They have the same model look as the Persol PO3046s which I own in black (great pair) but with added designs in the bridge. I wonder who made this model first or if it's been done...
lol this is me- described my height/weight perfectly.  thinking the same as far as the overpriced sweater
How to buy the linen pocket t shirts online??   Is it possible to just order through the phone and have them ship?
maybe more to be added on sale this night?? haha who knows.
Got dammit. They had these on sale last night for $190 I think. I was going to get the size 7 pair but didn't think it would sell out and checked later in the day and they were...lol   http://www.mrporter.com/mens/Shoes/Derbies/Derbies?soldOutId=378539   anyone of you here bought them??? damn you if you did.  Also, does Mr.Porter give deals on shoes often like this season's sale?? I'm thinking/hoping maybe the Derby versions of them will go on sale as well.
anyone know any codes for contextclothing?? there must be a free shipping code somewhere on the internet that works..
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