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I just now found out MrPorter did another drop (the epic 80%) lol. I'll be more aware for the summer sale then.
Inherent vice is great by the way lol. I do like his bright paid shirts and it's tempting me to get a few this spring.
Those were some great sales at mrporter. I regret not grabbing a pair of Blue blue Japan sweatpants for $67. Looking forward to the summer sale. I'm going to keep an eye on some linen shorts lol.
Does mrporter give you guys an email alert when the new sale drop occurred? Been waiting for the 70% sale but had no clue when it will happen. I'm about a few hours late. some decent deals still up though.
Mrporter doing any more sale mark-downs this weekend?
anyone know exactly when the 70% markdown start? Missed out on a nice pair of AMI shoes for $108
 not laying evenly on a flat surface is a normal effect on many acetate sunglasses. This doesn't mean the quality is off and is most likely cause by manufactured packaging when they fold them. You can adjust them to lay evenly on the floor but I suggest if they fit your face fine don't. Those are a nice pair. How much did you end up getting them for?
Nice consistent collection shark. You're really making me want to get a pair of Sheldrakes ( Been interested in photo-chromatic lenses for a while) . how's the quality of Moscots compared to OP? I know their handmade in china so I'm skeptical on them a bit. If I knew someone who could give me a discount on them I'd be more inclined to buy them. Might be able to get sheldrakes for a deep discount from a store near me.  Those Barton's are amazing by the way/
double post.
Price lowered a bit. :)
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