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More in that 44 sells quick as shit for the best pieces. Least here in the U.S (Don't live in NY)
Yeah, I'm guessing anything size 44 for RG is hard to find....
How would Geller button shirts fit compared to similar brands? APC perhaps.   Really craving a Robert geller plaid type of shirt. They look so good.
Is this still available?
Copped Wings Horns Chinos for $88. Not entirely great but not bad at all.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/225-CANALI-Red-with-Blue-Plaid-Long-Sleeves-Casual-Dress-Shirt-Sz-S-Small-35-36-/271733288318?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item3f4490ed7e   I'd cop if this would fit me. 16.50 not bad.
American Optical.
Epaulet still make size XS shirting?
Great condition pair of skulls 5507xx the pima cotton versions. Purchased from Selfedge few years ago. Has formed some subtle whiskers and a wallet fade but other than that these are ready to continue being worn in and faded. Initial soak and no washes. Hemmed and chain-stitched by selfedge.   Look for more details on this site that sells them brand new for...
I just now found out MrPorter did another drop (the epic 80%) lol. I'll be more aware for the summer sale then.
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