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Hi gents,   Total noob here and just getting into buying    better clothing, so please pardon my ignorance on some of these matters.   I'm starting a new job in the autumn as a professor, so I'm trying to create a more professorly wardrobe. I've never bought from Brooks Brothers before, but I got their email about their big sale last week, so I ordered a few items from them -- but since I'm about a 3 hour drive from the nearest BB location, I couldn't go in...
It's actually not a crepe sole -- regular leather outsole. I got them at Alden of SF -- they only have the picture of the natural CXL on their website, but the navy look pretty damn sexy in person. They're being shipped to me and get here on Weds... can't wait.
Hi all.... quick question about what belt would pair well with the Alden navy blue PTBs I just bought (identical to these).   Would tan leather work? Or what would you all recommend?   Mostly casual guy here -- wear good jeans and chinos most of the time.   Thanks!
      ckprax -- what are the details on these boots? I really dig 'em.
So, I was looking at the AE site last night and saw the Cronmok's. I started drooling over the tan leather, but the more I looked at the Navy leather, the more badass I decided they are. But I'm not sure what I'd wear a navy boot with. I'm an academic, and wear jeans about 95% of the time.   Any ideas for what to pair them with or looks you can link me to?
Hey -- so I'm new to this forum, and decided to start getting clothes that fit better, but I still don't have a superb eye for fashion... so I've got a question. I'm in the market for a medium-weight jacket and saw this field mechanics jacket in Jcrew yesterday.   The clerk got confused, and I ended up getting it for 50% off, which is pretty sweet, but I'm not 100% convinced by it. I'm curious what you guys think of how it fits. I bought a small. I'm 5'11 and 175...
I've got a pair of the Elgins in tan and the McTavish in black. I love the look of the contrast stitching on the McTavishes. These shoes have a lot of character, and they both look great with a pair of jeans, and honestly don't look stuffy. Wearing the Strand or McAllister with jeans would look 'dad on his day off'. :) These are a perfect step down in dressiness, while still being put together.
Great -- thanks for the site recommendation.  I think this might be the one:
I want to bump this thread back up.  I too just purchased a pair of burgundy wingtips from ebay ( and I'm planning on wearing them with dark slim jeans or casual trousers. I'm looking for a belt to go with them that won't be too business-esque (I'm an academic and want to look put together, but not stuffy).   Anyone have specific suggestions? I was thinking of going...
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