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  Mike, where can I get that jacket?
I also went to UCI :) I'm more interested in your health care experience. Did you know each Big 4 has some variation of an advisory/consulting practice? Deloitte is the only one with an actual consulting entity. If I were you I would look into joining the consulting/advisory groups that specialize in health care.... Big 4 typically recruits recent college graduates or experienced hire (with public accounting experience or relevant industry experience). Getting Big 4...
I'm new here, but I had to say that I work at the big black building right next to Segerstrom Hall!    
Get a decent % bump when you made the jump?
Yeah, thats definitely true, but I think that's true in general for people with xx years of experience. I guess my main point was that you dont make it to partner without wanting it, and hate the job all you want but making $300k+ a year is pretty nice. haha.  
I'm quoting a very old post, but a fist year partner at a big 4 in my geographic region makes about $300k/year. He may claim he hates his job, but if hes a partner, he's had plenty of chances to leave and make good coin.  
Hey everyone,   My first post, but this topic is relevant to me - I'm a Senior Associate in audit for one of the Big 4 firms. I haven't read through the entire thread, but I'd like to make one important observation: Audit and Tax positions at a public accounting firm are COMPLETELY different than an accounting position in the industry. The work product, culture, personalities and expectations are just not comparable.   My clients are primarily in the asset...
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