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  It's a conversational thread.  The fact that it has pictures makes no difference to the equation.  You say that I'm shitting up the thread, (thanks for your extended vocabulary usage there once again.  you must have to reach down deep into your arsenal to dig up shitting and fuck.  don't hurt yourself.) but I see you offering no suggestions in responses to the threads, other than backing you thread buddy that there are people mucking up the thread with sexually...
You offer nothing useful to the conversational rhetoric.  All you give to this is "fuck you and fuck this".  Bring something intelligent to the conversation.  If not something intelligent, at least some fucking civil decency and some respect.
  Love the flow of this outfit.  Very nice.
Why hopeless?  Because I don't appreciate a chick that looks like a scarecrow full of straw like one of your models?   Love this outfit though.  Very edgy, and guess WHAT?!?!  It looks good on her.    It does however have a high slit in the front.  How dare you post something so sexual in this thread.  Why not contribute to the lingerie thread as one previous posted suggested?  (If you can't read through this text into the cutting sarcasm then I'm not the hopeless...
Sorry, misspoke.  Should have said ethnicities.  It still remains something to think about however.  Does a Russian look the same in a houndsooth peacoat as a Kenyan?   What does well mean to me?  What does it mean to anyone?  Do I want this woman next to me?  Is this something that is visually appealing?  Is it aesthetically pleasing in the grand scheme of where she's going, what she's doing, who she is in her core?  I think we'd all be pressed to agree that a ball gown...
  Teal in Vietnam, White Classic in China.
I think Texas has made itself an outcast with its stupid new network and it will be slow to join one of the other conferences initially.  It'll hold onto the Big 12 like the band on the Titanic.   Go Rangers!
Rockin' my Tony Llamas on the way to a charity shoot today.  Did a new polish and oiling Thursday.      
TOO FUNNY.   Yeah I've kinda noticed that he is very simplistic and monotoned.
Cool your fucking jets and contribute to the thread like the rest of us.         Love these two ensembles and they'd go well with most races, sizes, and shapes of women.  Variety is the spice of life.
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