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Two simple shirt-pants combos with a pair of boots for both...   ts(s)          Big John   Niche   ts(s)   Heschung
EG Popover in M, fits TTS. Measurements:   s2s: 18" p2p: 22" length: 27"   Open to offers, ships free CONUS. Great shirt, pattern just doesn't work for me.
Just got these in a trade with another member. Great boots, just not my style. Suede is soft and comfortable, and the rubber sole is in unworn condition. Slight separation of sole and midsole, but stitching is still 100% intact.    Shipped free CONUS.
I got these a couple months ago and have put some wear onto them, as you can see in the pictures. They were tight to start with, and I was hoping they'd stretch enough to accommodate a wide-ish 11.5, but the right foot just won't go. Full disclosure, one of the leather insole covers has come up, but it could be reattached easily with some glue. Ship free CONUS. I'm pretty firm on this price--I love these boots and really don't want to let them go.
That's definitely possible. I just checked them again; they are marked 11D. I guess I'll give them a bit more, and sell them if they don't stretch. If anyone's interested in a pair of boots in Red Dog roughout w/ a vibram sole in an 11, let me know...
They're an 11. Not sure on my exact width measurement, but I'm an 11.5D in most brands (Allen Edmonds, Alden (non-Barrie), Nike, etc).
 I sized down a half--I ordered them on B&S, rather than via Baker's or similar. They're the red dog roughout. It's definitely a width thing, I think they're too narrow--the pain is along the outer edge of my foot.
I've been wearing a pair of White's for about three months now (maybe a month of wear overall?), and I'm still having a lot of trouble with the break in process--they're tight enough on the right foot that there's a bit of pain putting them on and some throughout the day. Is this normal (ie should I keep working on them), or should I cut my losses and sell?   Thanks!
Great piece, just didn't work out for me. Worn <5 times. Retailed at 350. Open to offers, with good discounts if you by multiple items.  Ships free CONUS.   p2p: 22" s2s: 18" length: 28"
MMM boots in a great red-brown. Worn over the summer, but haven't seen much wear recently, and I'd like to see them go to someone who'll wear them better. They need a bit of conditioning and a new heel in the next year or so, but the price reflects that.   They're sized a bit oddly, but I'm a 44.5 and they fit well. I think they could also fit a 44 or a 45.   Shipped free CONUS, and I'm open to offers.
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