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Who makes this? When I saw it I was smitten like a man possessed - or more accurately a man wanting to possess.
Yes, it definitely counts towards shoes. I did a bad thing...
Got my code in the mail today - says it's only a one-use code though.   It looks like it DOES apply to shoes as well... including the Lindricks which I've been lusting for
Nope, it's not just the light - not much antiquing on these really, but I figure for $150 I got these at a bargain. They'll hopefully pick up some more color after some wear and polish.
Here are mine...  
I think this must be what's happened with my order as well... Charged my credit card but no shipping notice after about a week or two. Didn't even get an order confirmation email.
I picked up a pair of the Marlow wingtips during the recent 50% off sale. My experience is a little different than yours - I ordered a 10.5, which is what I normally wear, and found that the Marlows were a little large. I probably could have gone a half size down and gotten the proper fit.
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