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Who makes this? When I saw it I was smitten like a man possessed - or more accurately a man wanting to possess.
Yes, it definitely counts towards shoes. I did a bad thing...
Got my code in the mail today - says it's only a one-use code though.   It looks like it DOES apply to shoes as well... including the Lindricks which I've been lusting for
Nope, it's not just the light - not much antiquing on these really, but I figure for $150 I got these at a bargain. They'll hopefully pick up some more color after some wear and polish.
Here are mine...  
I think this must be what's happened with my order as well... Charged my credit card but no shipping notice after about a week or two. Didn't even get an order confirmation email.
the love has been spread
Did you try scrolling down to the bottom of the screen and changing the number of fabrics per page? I got the code as well, and that seemed to work for me - some 700-odd fabrics to choose from.
I picked up a pair of the Marlow wingtips during the recent 50% off sale. My experience is a little different than yours - I ordered a 10.5, which is what I normally wear, and found that the Marlows were a little large. I probably could have gone a half size down and gotten the proper fit.
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