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Received mine in the mail today! Bad photo with a flash, not natural lighting, but you can get the idea:    
Happy Thanksgiving, SF. Here's another attempt at pulling off a casual look - hoping to get the hang of it some day...   [[SPOILER]]    
Yes, that's the one.
I was drawn in by the allure of an inexpensive MTM suit, but in the end I'm not sure the result was worth my time.     Some of the problems - pants too short and too tight for example - could very well be simply the way that I measured. I do have a bit of collar gap going on when I stand straight. However, the real problem (in my opinion) shows up when I do anything other than stand still in one place - even if I stand up a little more straightly than...
Ha! I guess I deserved that.
Okay SF, here's my first WAYWRN (actually more of a WWYWY... but I digress). I thought this looked decent, as did most folks - but I got a few comments that it was clashing and even effeminate. Be honest and unmerciful!   Apologies for grainy images, I have a pretty terrible camera.    
I wasn't home when UPS tried to deliver my ties today but I got an e-mail from David saying he had shipped my order on October 30th.
Yeah, I have the same problem...  
SlamMan, do you have any pictures of your Evan DeLaney piece? I'm in the Springs and have been debating giving him a call, but the lack of a gallery or any sort of base pricing on his website has given me some pause - I don't want to waste his time if I don't like his aesthetic.
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