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Heading out for a casual dinner. Slowly trying to expand my horizons, and figured the "overdressed security guard" was as good a place to start as any... Not sure if the jacket is too "suity" and the square is too matchy. Pants could probably use shortening too.     [[SPOILER]]
The turbo model only lasted for one year - 1982, right before they discontinued the car. A lot of the problems were due to terrible maintenance before I bought the car - within the first few months I ended up needing to replace the transmission and the vast majority of the rear suspension. The turbo was also a source of headaches - for a while, whenever I got onto the gas to spin the turbo up, the whole car would buck like the engine was stalling out. We never really...
  Hey, cool car - the first car I ever bought was a Fiat. Mine was a little bit later model, though - a Spider 2000 Turbo instead of a 124. What a nightmare of a car that was...  
  You really think so? I've been 6'2" and at a steady weight for almost ten years - and I can barely make 38L work for me on the occasions that I can find them. Even then they're still usually large in the shoulder.
    I'm 6'2" - so I could very well be doing exactly the same thing that you mention.   A good point about paying attention to posture. It's almost like y'all are saying that it's the man that makes the clothes...
Here's attempt #2 in WAYWRN... a bit disheveled after a day of giving presentations and training seminars. I think everything came together pretty well, if a bit uninspired - though the shoulders are a touch wide and the pants a touch short. Everything is a shade or two darker in the flesh - alas, photography is not one of my skills.   [[SPOILER]]  
No one you work with should ever see your toes or your nipples... Maybe a decent pair of loafers or boat shoes?
Oh dear, I've been shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few shops in my time...   I appreciate all the feedback I've gotten! Looks like my mind isn't paying tricks on me re: the fit of the pants - I'll have to find a tailor to see if I can have the top bits taken in. Either that or learn to match a discussion on circuit design to the tone and cadence of "Can't Touch This".
My first post in this side of WAYWRN - I've got a presentation coming up for my Senior Seminar course, and I want to make the effort to stand out from the horde of engineering students wearing shirt and tie who look like they've forgotten to bring their jacket. I don't often have the opportunity to wear suits, though I certainly enjoy making the effort when I can - as a result I don't necessarily have the critical eye that most here possess, and I need a lot of help with...
Just got my first grenadine... awesome. If someone could weave a cloud into a necktie, it would feel like this. I definitely will be going 4-fold for the next grenadines I order though... the 6-fold is pretty bulky.  
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