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DonC. I have a similar jacket. Thanks for the inspiration.
New challenge is up! Good luck to all of you.    http://www.styleforum.net/t/385355/friday-challenge-the-light-coloured-tie-friday-the-4th-of-april-2014
The Rules 1. Tie has to be lighter coloured than the SC/suit. If you wear a patterned tie the main color has to be light.2. The fit has to be worn this week.  This challenge should be fairly easy to participate in but to win you'll have to give it some thought. Wearing a bordeaux tie with a dark grey suit is not enough. And no "sorry for the crappy iphone quality" excuses. My entry last week was shot on an IPhone. It is all about the light.I have a south facing window in...
 Cheers mate!  I agree with the comment on education. I have learned a lot in the previous challenges, To have a challenge in which only a few can participate is not as fun.
Cheers! My idea was another tie challenge. Light colour tie. Patterns are ok as long as the main colour is a lot lighter than the SC or suit.
Thank you all who voted for me. Your appreciation means a lot. The field was strong as usual and to win over Stitch is a feeling that's hard to beat. Cheers. Andreas.
 Beige/grey flannels. Dark brown cordovan (RL Marlow short wings)
New Posts  All Forums: