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Cleav. Details on jacket please.
This will be fun!!!
Challenge accepted!
Pm sent.
Thank you all who participated. And congrats to Seb! Crust deserves an honourable mention.
Poll is up!   http://www.styleforum.net/t/529178/friday-challenge-16th-of-september-2016-some-kind-of-blue/15#post_8578909
Great entries! Poll is up!
On the subject.The Nordic Fit
I have discussed this briefly with @UrbanComposition so he might add 2c too.My findings is that dark brown cordovan, #8 Cordovan and black works best. I have tried polo suede which wasnt great. Brown suede works quite well. I will probably wear my suit mostly with white shirt, brown or black grenadine tie and dark brown or black shoes.
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