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X-post from challenge   SC - Boglioli Shirt - Kamakura PS- Altea Trousers - JCrew Shoes - C&J Handgrade suede  
I'll give it a try!
Thank you. It's really comfortable too. Light, airy and with a good amount of strech. I got a second summer suit at the same time. Same construction and maker but in a beige herringbone - cotton/silk mix. So now I'm ready for summer. [[SPOILER]]
As you can see I'm very happy with my new summer suit - a wool/mohair mix. Unconstructed and no lining. Perfect for the hotter days that are coming. The shoes are also new and will probably see a lot of sun in the coming months.    Suit - Belvest Shirt - Kamakura Tie- Drake's of London Square - A.Christensen Shoes - C&J Harvard - dark brown shell cordovan.      
Cheers. PRL tweed. Probably Corneliani-made in Italy. Perfect for Swedish winters. 
Alden #8 after years of hard wear.     C&J Marlows. Had these for about 4 years. Has developed a great patina.     My old pair of C&J Harvard. Has taken so much abuse... Sticking has started to come loose. My go to summer shoe. I love them so much I decided to get a new pair. Just for the record. I bought them in a beat up condition for the patina. My shoes never end up this worn out...
The C&J Bradford. Used for a couple of months.      
My newest addition to my shell collection - C&J Harvard in dark brown shell. 
Well deserved! What' s next? @in stitches
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