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Very nice! Great Swedes thinks alike.
 I like the top but the trousers are probably not the best choice here. A
Well I am soft and cuddly. Unfortunately my belly is too. For the record I have a pair of cashmere trousers from Corneliani in the mail. Those will be very cosy :-)
I am just shy of 180 cm. I figured the thich fabric would work well with a substantial cuff. 
Thanks. I agree but the jacket fits me really well in all other areas so I can live with the fact that it is a couple of cm short.
Cheers mate! 6 cm cuffs rather than my usual 5 cm. 
X-post from Challenge - Striped tie.Tie is a 7-fold wool thing from Tie your Tie.Worn today with navy flannel from Corneliani, my new tweed pents fresh from the tailor - PRL by Corneliani and RL Marlows. The hank is also wool. Shirt Kamakura. Cordovan on the wrist. Best pants I have worn. Will serve well as model when I decide to try Luxire.   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
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