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Feel free to offer 8 cm but don´t take away the 9 cm. 
This is one of my favourite threads. A big thank you to all of you who put in the work to keep it going.
Harry gave me the warmest welcome and the tie looks spectacular. Thank you!
I'm sure I will. A navy cashmere has been on my list for a long time and this one is the money. Soft touch, 9 cm, handmade in England. Thought it would be fun to meet Harry in person.
Since I have the same jacket as Cleav I had to buy the Scottish cashmere. Will pick it up tomorrow afternoon.
I agree. It reminds me of a suit worn by @UrbanComposition a while back. I could easily wear this but with a blue shirt instead of white. 
I'll be in London Thursday through Saturday. Can the ties be picked up in person?
I have that problem with most of the unlined jackets in fairly thin wool. Depending on the stance it's more or less pronounced. My shoulders are slightly pulled forward in the photos, I tend to stand this way when I wait for the photo to be taken. When I stand relaxed in front of a mirror there are no bumps. My Corneliani jackets are the same. 
Well. This is the first day I wear it and I love it. 
Simon Crompton said that green is the third colour. I agree and thus my collection consists of three green jackets and one green flannel suit. All in different shades though.  This one is a wool/cashmere blend from Canali Kei with flecks of red/orange/beige/brown/wine. Unstructured. Paired here with and orange silk tie from Zegna, Monsieur Fox square. Kamakura shirt. Mid grey flannels.Purple socks and polo suede kicks.   
New Posts  All Forums: