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Pm sent.
I agree that the inside pleat would look better moved toward the center, though it is a little hard to say exactly by how much.  One strategy might be getting flat front trousers you're happy with, then using chalk and a camera mark up the point you're happy with. Regarding the rear, I'd suggest searching this thread for discussions on fork construction.  To my amateur eye the issue would go away if you spread your legs wider [insert joke], indicating there's too much...
Yes and more specificly these trousers.
So you agree on my thought of having the pleats closer to the center? How far? I was thinking 3 cm. Leting out the half hips is noted.  By lenghtening the rise you mean adding a few cm in in the crotch area?  Thank you for your input.
On a second note. Has anyone had a pair like these made?  (picture from www.voxsartoria.com)   
I just got the trousers back from the tailor and the waist and back seam has been let out. The pleats  looks better now but could probably benefit from beeing cut deeper and maybe a little closer to the center. I have another five pairs ordered and I am going back and forth whether to skip the pleats and go flat front on some of the rest trousers.     [[SPOILER]]         [[SPOILER]]    I am trying to understand what could be improved on the back side. I suppose the seat...
My trousers has not been pressed yet. I will take them to my tailor and ask him to do it.
Thank you all for your comments. I will take them to my tailor once my workload is smaller.
@luxire@LuxireStudio Any suggestions on how to keep the pleats closed? Andreas
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