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Well that's a compliment to say the least.
I'm awaiting a death sentence.
So far all entries includes a vest. Me is so proud!
Regarding black suede. I have two pairs of black shoes. One chelsea boot and the cap toes above. I just got into the suede shoe game this summer with two pairs - dark brown and polo. Cleav showed us why a pair of black suede dress shoes are a good investment. Thank you!
Classic menswear colours, a.k.a 50 shades...   And a smile for @in stitches  
X-post from the challenge. Classic menswear colours, a.k.a 50 shades...  
We should have a meetup one day. I have spent ridiculous amounts of time and money on photography.
Given Stitchy beats my suit game and my SC/odds I would guess he beats my Beemer too.
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