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It's a great color. I have four SC:s and one flannel suit. 
Nice! Size and measurements?
The VBC flannels are very comfortable and I'm not complaining. I just wanted to give a heads up for those looking for a more substantial cloth and the Minnis I have are perfect. I am wearing them today. Will try to post a photo later.
Great entries Crusty and Gerry. Will see what I can put up.
On the subject of flanell trousers.   I ordered a few of the VBC flannels and after wearing them for a couple of months I find the fabric a bit flimsy. VBC also has wollen flannel fabrics and these are more substantial. The Minnis flannel I also ordered (0307) is heavier and to my taste the better choice for a F/W trouser. It also has a nicer drape while the lighter VBC flannel tends to get caught easier on knee socks for example.   Any thoughts from other users?   I...
This sounds very promising. Let us know the outcome as soon as the deal is done. I have dollars to spend.
Any chance for a deal on the Minnis 0300?
Tack Erik. A lot of fun seeing these photos. Hope to be able to join you for Pitti 90 or 91.   All the best   Andreas
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