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It's not too tight to make it unwearable but I would like an extra inch or so lengthwise. It´s soft as butter.
Swedish cut suit - Oscar Jacobson in a light grey/bluish flannel by Loro Piana. Wool/cash.Short and tight as alot of the suits are here. I got this before I knew better. Kamakura/Drake´s/C&J   [[SPOILER]]
And would be even better if you came back with your fits.
 I can see what you mean. I usually use this tie with other jackets but put it on first and then picked the jacket. I will change jacket or tie for the evening. 
Non navy blue jacket day.  Long day full of meetings and then of to the club.   Zegna Milano fit jacket. Flannel and patch pockets.  Eton Shirt ET tie - @davesmith Oscar Jacobson flannels Polo suede kicks for C&J that needs some TLC. My grandpa's old linen PS with handrolled edges made by my grandma.
Today.   Caruso jacket in an angora/wool mix with a fluffy check pattern.  Tie your Tie wool tie. Wool square Kamakura shirt. PRL tweed trousers Cordovan Marlows.      
Usually in the thread of the last FC a couple of days prior to Friday. 
@Shen Tackar. I would like to see the outfit without the overcoat.   A
I lost track on how many I own. But I should probably stop now. Prior to this I didn´t own a navy cashmere jacket. And one has to have at least one pure cashmere navy jacket - correct? Blends are nice but this is awesomeballs.
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