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It's not about CBD (which I almost never wear despite being a lawyer) or conservatism. It is about what will look appealing and what won´t. Loud patterns in same size will clash and that is a fact not an opinion. I believe most of us has worn terrible outfits in the past... You are here to learn.This is an amazing thread and full of valuable info so treasuer it...
I'm afraid I can´t. I have only seen it for sale once - the time I bought it so I treasure it dearly. But...If I get fat I will send you a PM. 
SC Raffaele Caruso SP Shirt. Ernesto Moretta MTM Tie. Drake's of London. Wool. PS. Homemade from vintage silk. Old Levi's Well worn Chukkas from C&J.
 I'm afraid you have a huge collar gap.
I'll to my best.
I have ordered twice from Shaya. Shipping is fast and reliable. Now my Drake's stable is three ties stronger. Royal blue Cashmere, Navy blue silk/wool herringbone and green houndstooth (puppytooth???) And these are the classic width of 9 cm. 
I say follow on this path and go for cotton suit/sc this week.
Will be interesting.
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