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Well. I have used this weight alot since I have several pairs from Oscar Jacobson - Dave model which I believe are the same weight also from VBC. They work fine in Skåne so they should be fine across the bridge too.    The lighter VBC flannel that Luxire also offers is slightly too cold for me in winter. I have this in three pairs and they have been worn alot. 
I was plesantly surprised by the grey. I figured they would be darker.  The LP was on my mind too but I thought two pairs will suffice. Let me know what you think when you receive them.
Brown, green, fawn, #8 SC by Sartoria Partenopea Shirt by Kamakura Tie by YSL Trousers by Holiday&Brown #8 tassels by Alden
I just received my two pairs of VBC flannels from the BF-sale.   If you are looking for the perfect mid grey flannel (both in colour and weight) - this is what you should buy:   http://custom.luxire.com/products/vitale_barberis_canonico_wool_flannel_twill_grey-vbc_562_801_3   And the cream flannel. What a beauty.   Will post photos when the trousers has been properly pressed.
Wow. My order from the VBC sale is now shipped. Good work Luxire!
Grey and plum. Suit by @sartoriapartenopea in grey flannel. Grey cashmere tie by @drakesdiary. Shirt by @bergandberg. Cashmere vest by @loropianaofficial. Cordovan Shoes - Marlow by @poloralphlauren made by @crockettandjones_official.
Which colour code is the tan? The photo is not of the tan on my screen. http://luxire.com/products/huddersfield-woolen-flannel-pants-twill-tan-hhm_510041
@luxire Will the fawn Minnis flannel be included in the sale? http://luxire.com/products/huddersfield-woolen-flannel-pants-twill-fawn-hhm_510038
Amazing sale. Thank you Luxire.
New Posts  All Forums: