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Nice! I am very tempted...
The ones in pic 1,3,5 and 6 looks very interesting. And versatile.
Great to see you post again!
Actually, either will work - the main point is, not to let the shoe colour decide. The benefit is twofold; It provides a more "together" look and, for the vertically challenged, it elongates the profile a bit.(and it is a rule )[/quote]Will keep this in mind for the next fit.
Kind words from the master.Thank you
Tackar! The SC and the trousers are among my favourite. I went with 6 cm cuffs on these which is 1 cm more than what I usually go for. As for the beard: 
I wouldn´t have been able to do that in depth analysis and as you say, it's great when you can see why something works and why. Being a SC and odd trouser guy I sometimes end up here and sometimes when the instincts are off I get it wrong. 
Post meeting selfie. I need a shave and a haircut.  My summer uniform. Light and airy and wearable in almost any temperature. SC. Super light hopsack wool - Raffaele Caruso Sartoria Parma. Shirt - Kamakura. Tie - Grenadine from Exquisite Trimmings. My favourite S/S tie.  PS - Altea Milano Trousers - Unlined light weight wool -  Raffaele Caruso Shoes - C&J Mitchell. Handgrade single monks  
Thank you. The jacket is a favourite of mine.  The socks are royalblue/lightblue herringbone which probably looks fairly solid from a few meters away. I wanted to have a darker shoe and thus went for slighty dark socks. The light blue part of the socks are similar to the shirt. A lighter shoe/soc combo might have looked better but I wanted to ground the outfit with a dark shoe.
 I must say that it's by far the best review I have ever got for an outfit. Some outfits has resulted in 50 or so thumbs but this is a great compliment with a lot of thought behind it. Thank you!
New Posts  All Forums: