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Kind words guys. I'll be back at work on Monday. Been with the family since June. Got a new suit during the summer. And some shoes. And flannels. See you soon! @SeaJen @EFV
Gerry Nelson as first runner up. EFV. Win. Twice. Superb fits both of them.
Busy busy busy at work. Now two months vacation with my family. The youngest just learned to walk so it's full speed all day every day. I will start to post again when I'm back in office in September. Will lurk in the meantime.
Summer has arrived. Isaia, Drake´s, Kamakura, New&Lingwood, Gant, C&J.
Will be interesting.
I got the first looser seat. By one vote...
Tira! Congratulations! What will the new challenge be?
I thank you all for the kind words and your votes. Hard to beat Tira though. I really liked holdfasts fit.
New Posts  All Forums: