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Haven't had the chance to wear tails in a few years. Hard to photograph. Even harder on an iphone. The rig belonged to my late grandfather and I wear it with pride everytime. The trousers shall be shortened at some point but I seem to forget about it every time I put it away and realize it too late the next time...   The rest of the weekend was spent in Cowboy-clothes listening to:  https://open.spotify.com/track/7ooi3yiJbXOIsvUxSbBi9n   (National AGM with Round...
Good. Otherwise I would have had to buy it :-)
I have a similar Canali and I love it. I know that a fellow swede is looking for Canali jackets. If it's only Kei I'm not sure but drop him a line   @DonRaphael
This could be a trainwreck challenge.
Aka the Roycru challenge
May I suggest: Green shoe challenge Summer suits CBD Lifestyle CM (must wear an outfit in a context. Where you work. Where you dine. Where you live.) Loafer challenge.
Nice! I am very tempted...
The ones in pic 1,3,5 and 6 looks very interesting. And versatile.
Great to see you post again!
Actually, either will work - the main point is, not to let the shoe colour decide. The benefit is twofold; It provides a more "together" look and, for the vertically challenged, it elongates the profile a bit.(and it is a rule )[/quote]Will keep this in mind for the next fit.
New Posts  All Forums: