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I got a navy suit from Cesare Attolini which is a few years old that I want to get an extra pair of trousers for. I contacted one of the Swedish sellers and they could not help me since the fabric isn't used by Attolini anymore.   Is there anyone who can help me find the fabric based on the info in the white tag?   Andreas  
PM Sent!
Hej Karin. Fun to see a new Swede on the block. Good luck!   Andreas
Sounds great. Will see what I can do...
Winter whites. Or the cut off head portrait. Prior to the Christmas concert at the concert hall we snapped a few family photos. I am wearing my new @Luxire flannels in 360 gram flannels from vitalebarberiscanonico1663. Warm and a great complement to the varieties of grey I normally wear. Worn with my beloved brown houndstooth cashmere jacket from Sartoria partenopea and an OCBD from Shirtonomy and a cashmere tie from HN White. Shoes are single monks from the C&J Handgrade...
I have the 9 oz and the 12 oz VBC. The mid grey 12 oz is great. It is almost as heavy as the Minnis which I also have.
Cheers. Which fabric are you refering to?
Flannel Friday. I have had this silk tie from Zegna for years. I love the colour and the pattern which goes very well with the light grey flannel suit from Sartoria partenopea and the striped shirt by Mattabisch. Shoes by PRL by C&J
And a beautiful family.
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