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On the subject of backbladetwisting I do this from time to time depending on the tie. Not as exaggerated though. I'm on Clag's team here. 
I have no problems wearing wool/silk squares all year round. I have a navy herringbone tie from Drake's in 40 % silk and 60 % wool. This gets used in summer as well. The rest of my wool/cashmere wardrobe is for fall/winter/early spring use.
The two last pairs are mine. Can't wait for fall now...
Do you have the measurements?   Andreas
PM sent-
I currently use Levino, http://www.levino.se/contacts.html Has worked well. I have done trouser alterations and alterations on jackets. Even from the shoulder which is something that not every tailor does well. Who do you use? Andreas
Pediwear provided my first pairs of real shoes. Now I'm an addict. Damn you! :-)
Still waiting for a reply from Luxire. Will keep you posted. 
Pm sent.
I agree that the inside pleat would look better moved toward the center, though it is a little hard to say exactly by how much.  One strategy might be getting flat front trousers you're happy with, then using chalk and a camera mark up the point you're happy with. Regarding the rear, I'd suggest searching this thread for discussions on fork construction.  To my amateur eye the issue would go away if you spread your legs wider [insert joke], indicating there's too much...
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