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My trousers has not been pressed yet. I will take them to my tailor and ask him to do it.
Thank you all for your comments. I will take them to my tailor once my workload is smaller.
@luxire@LuxireStudio Any suggestions on how to keep the pleats closed? Andreas
Thanks. I will do so. Andreas
 Cheers. And as for a double vs single pleats?
Comments on fit are welcome. I have ordered another five pairs (4 flannels and one wool/mohair for summer) that are on hold until fit has been confirmed.    Shall I go with the double pleats on all pairs or would you suggest a plain front on the flannels?   Andreas                  
@luxire   Would this qualify in to the Fox promotion (225 usd for a pair of trousers)?   Classic Cricket White Fox Flannel CODE: CBT5 A1285/88   http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/prod/146/flannel/fox-flannel-classic-cricket-white
I have been looking for ages until I found the pair from PRL. Swedish pants are usually slim and low waist.
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