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Hej Karin. Fun to see a new Swede on the block. Good luck!   Andreas
Sounds great. Will see what I can do...
https://www.instagram.com/p/BORd6QtFLtF/?taken-by=flannels_and_tweed https://www.instagram.com/p/BN6PGgZBnqz/?taken-by=flannels_and_tweed
Winter whites. Or the cut off head portrait. Prior to the Christmas concert at the concert hall we snapped a few family photos. I am wearing my new @Luxire flannels in 360 gram flannels from vitalebarberiscanonico1663. Warm and a great complement to the varieties of grey I normally wear. Worn with my beloved brown houndstooth cashmere jacket from Sartoria partenopea and an OCBD from Shirtonomy and a cashmere tie from HN White. Shoes are single monks from the C&J Handgrade...
I have the 9 oz and the 12 oz VBC. The mid grey 12 oz is great. It is almost as heavy as the Minnis which I also have.
Cheers. Which fabric are you refering to?
Flannel Friday. I have had this silk tie from Zegna for years. I love the colour and the pattern which goes very well with the light grey flannel suit from Sartoria partenopea and the striped shirt by Mattabisch. Shoes by PRL by C&J
And a beautiful family.
Cheers, They are my favourite trousers. Unfortunately a bit warm most days...
Well it seems like socks are ok. So bring it on.
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