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You are far too kind. As winter arrives it won't be as blond anymore. More like a booring beige...
 Thank you Pliny. The forests here are amazing,  especially in autumn.
Cheers Gerry. I have to disapoint you.I shot it just for this tread. Glad you like it.
 In a good or bad way?
Thank you all for your kind words and the love on yesterday's fit. I try keep my camera and tripod in the car when I have to go out of the city for meetings. I stop for a few minutes when I find a nice spot. I usually need a breath of fresh air after meetings. Why not shot a few frames at the same time?     @FlyingMonkey   The light kills your photos. Good light (preferably in the shade on a sunny day or next to a window but not in direct sun) will give great results...
I can't understand the comment on your tie. It is a great tie. Disregard it and don't give him attention.
Today I took a stroll in the woods and sat on a rock in strong wind by the sea.   
Is it just me or has this thread slowed down?
New Posts  All Forums: