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Given Stitchy beats my suit game and my SC/odds I would guess he beats my Beemer too.
You will be pleased. I have the green and the wine + the brown (wooded???) and the light grey. 
I have the wine too. It´s not as red as in the photos. As for the greens. Buy both. 
I was choosing between the two and went with no 1. Forest green. Pairs great with brownish jackets and also grey. No 2 described as tweed green felt a bit limiting. 
Booom!!! Fit of the day. Thank you. That suit... Andreas
Notable mention - All the vests in this batch. Worn differently but well.
Very kind Elio! Thank you.
Looks very much like my corneliani. And your fit is excellent.
Is that a Corneliani?
I hope you will participate.
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