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Thank you. I love my new dovers.
These babies are now mine!
Denim and tie. Drake's of London and Sid Mashburn does this well but it's not everyones cup of tea. I do it sometimes and then I go with a soft unconstructed jacket and accessories with structure like the vest and the wool tie. My winter loafers is the perfect way to round of the outfit. SC is a k-jacket by Boglioli. Shirt by Shirtonomy. Tie by Olof Nithenius. PS by DresslikeA. Vest by H N White. Jeans by Levis. Socks by Berg&Berg. Shoes by C&J for PRL
It's been a while.   SC by Sartoria Partenopea Shirt by Shirtonomy Tie by Drakes Flannels by Luxire Shoes by C&J for PRL (Cordovan Marlow Shortwings).
Photos and measurements please.Andreas
Lengthwise I would probably be even better of with a pair of UK 10 Pennies so your experience is similar to mine. 
Input from an owner of the shortwings and the penny loafers. The shortwings in a size 9 UK is perfect and roomy for me and my slightly wide feet. The loafer in a 9.5 UK has been a pain to break in due to the tight toebox. Finally it has started to give enough room sideways to accomodate my slightly wider feet. It took longer that enticipated but I am glad I went with the size I did. It has a little moulding still before it is a great fit. I have two pairs of the unlined...
I got a navy suit from Cesare Attolini which is a few years old that I want to get an extra pair of trousers for. I contacted one of the Swedish sellers and they could not help me since the fabric isn't used by Attolini anymore.   Is there anyone who can help me find the fabric based on the info in the white tag?   Andreas  
PM Sent!
Hej Karin. Fun to see a new Swede on the block. Good luck!   Andreas
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