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The construction with very lightly pressed edges makes the width hard to judge. It also twists a bit.  Example:  [[SPOILER]]
Any opinions on Tie your Tie ties? These two just landed. No 1. is a 7-fold cashmere and no. 2 is also 7-fold but in a wool/silk mix. They are indeed beautiful but quite hard to tie. Maybe they will get better with time once broken in.        
Thank you Clags!
Well done my fellow Swede. @Papperskatt 
Cheers. I put mine on the outside because it's more comfortable.
Interesting. Thank you!
Are these authentic Swedish military jackets or a remake? I would like some more info on this. Andreas
Very kind. Thank you!
New ties.   1. ET Grenadine   2. Drake's of London cashmere
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