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 I'm between an 38 and 40 suit size, so I went with 40. Should be here tomorrow. 
 I picked one up too. Great price!
 Argh... I was trying not to spend any money, but I liked these Aksel too much for $99 http://riderboot.com/shop/rider-boot-co-aksel-in-brown-calf/
Alfred Sargent Chukka's, UK 8
 I feel obligated to say "Go Dawgs!"
 A bit late on this, but have you tried a deer bone? I use mine all the time on CXL and it will smooth out anything short of a deep cut
 Either way it's a nice looking shoe for that price
There's some Santoni FAM on good sale here:   http://www.threedifferent.com/online-clothes-sales/0/man?mar_id=501&genere=1&cat_id=0&scat_id=0&collezione=1&ext_id=0   I particularly like this one:   http://www.threedifferent.com/online-clothes-sales/men/Santoni/111270/1/Shoes/Laced-shoes/23/2/0/Santoni-Laced-shoe-Man.asp   Note that they have an extra 15% off sale running
 If you go CXL I'd stick with the D width. CXL stretches and molds to your foot. 
This seller has a bunch of Steven Alan stuff for cheap... Also willing to deal. I picked up 3 pairs of cords for $100:   http://www.ebay.com/sch/Mens-Clothing-/1059/m.html?_ssn=exceltradingllc&_armrs=1&_from=R40&_nkw=steven%20alan&_dcat=57990&rt=nc&_pppn=r1
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