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 Ask to see the tag inside the pocket
 Argh! These pictures of Ravello are making me insane with jealousy! Does anyone know of anywhere selling ravello shell boots? I guess shoes would be okay, too, but boots would be preferable.  These look great, by the way!
 If he's like me and buys what he wants himself, try giving him something that takes time, but not money. Does he have things he's planned to do but hasn't had time? Do them for him. Make him dinner. etc. 
Why you got to launch right after I bought myself a new phone and vacation?    Hopefully everything won't sell out in the meantime
  Very nice PRL waxed cotton jacket, XL, for $60
That's goddamned gorgeous! I hope they've got that in a 52/54
 Any idea what's going on?
Has anyone tried calling them the last couple days? The number goes straight to a message that their office isn't open. 
Everything was slightly too small! Grrrr.... 
Any new codes? I've got my eye on a couple things
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