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Wouldn't that be UK9?
 Oh, one of them was sale priced. I guess that breaks it?
 How does one do the 3 shirts deal? I put 3 in my cart but it didn't bring it down to $99.
Is this over now?
 Meh... I'd rather not have to do that. I might just see if my RRL shrink if I wash 'em. I've lost a lot of weight while adding muscle so nothing fits right anymore. 
Looking for some sizing advice. I'm trying to decide on the slim or the regular cuts. The problem is that I have relatively big thighs and calves.    Waist: 33" Hips: 40" Thighs: 23.5" Calves: 16.5" Inseam: 30"   But I don't really want the higher rise on the standard nor the 16.5" leg opening.    I'm starting to think that the Gustin cuts just aren't for me. 
 I've been watching that seller for a while but never pulled the trigger. I can't figure out what size I would be. I'm pretty consistently a UK 9 (C&J, AS, Sutor Mantellassi), US 10 (Alden Barrie, AE 5 last, AS for Brooks Brothers, C&J for Polo), or a 9.5 in mocassin types that stretch (Rancourt, Oakstreet). I was thinking 42.5? 
Possibly this one? http://www.ebay.com/sch/Mens-Shoes-/93427/m.html?item=161065014467&_ssn=sarafsaraf&_nkw&_from=R40&replaceid=20352437011&_sop=10&_geositeid=0&_trksid=m194&ssPageName=STRK:MEFSRCHX:SRCH
 Silk knit ties are silk knit ties. I'm pretty sure the fabric is all made in one of the 2 mills making it for all the makers. Mine compares with the Brooks Brothers and Nordstrom ones I have. 
Sutor Mantellassi boots, UK9    Todd Snyder + Champion Maroon pocket sweatshirt, size M - I've got a couple of these and love them
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