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 Silk knit ties are silk knit ties. I'm pretty sure the fabric is all made in one of the 2 mills making it for all the makers. Mine compares with the Brooks Brothers and Nordstrom ones I have. 
Sutor Mantellassi boots, UK9    Todd Snyder + Champion Maroon pocket sweatshirt, size M - I've got a couple of these and love them
I really like the Italian semi-spread above. I don't think it looks oversized at all. It looks just right to me. I like higher collars and longer collar points in general. I'd like to see the collars go a little higher, even. 
I got my order in yesterday and I'm impressed with both the products and the customer service.   I got a pair of the light gray dress trousers in the regular cut:   http://www.spierandmackay.com/product_information/2094_light_grey_120s_wool_trouser   I had picked out one of the sale OCBD's but apparently it was the last one and they found it was damaged, so they replaced it with this one for no extra...
 Why the changes? I like the higher collar and longer collar points. 
Are your OCBD's non-iron (please say no)? 
 Someday... Been too busy for thrifting and I've got too much stuff. Thanks for the mention, though!
 Ask to see the tag inside the pocket
 Argh! These pictures of Ravello are making me insane with jealousy! Does anyone know of anywhere selling ravello shell boots? I guess shoes would be okay, too, but boots would be preferable.  These look great, by the way!
 If he's like me and buys what he wants himself, try giving him something that takes time, but not money. Does he have things he's planned to do but hasn't had time? Do them for him. Make him dinner. etc. 
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