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 If you go CXL I'd stick with the D width. CXL stretches and molds to your foot. 
This seller has a bunch of Steven Alan stuff for cheap... Also willing to deal. I picked up 3 pairs of cords for $100:   http://www.ebay.com/sch/Mens-Clothing-/1059/m.html?_ssn=exceltradingllc&_armrs=1&_from=R40&_nkw=steven%20alan&_dcat=57990&rt=nc&_pppn=r1
 I assume it applies with the 705 as well. With the full soles they run through the heel as well, so they balance the forefoot and the heel. With the half sole it doesn't run through the heel so it's a little lower in the heel by comparison. 
 I can't answer all of this for you, but I have somewhat flat feet and in running shoes needed extra stability shoes (Brooks Adrenaline GTS). In my White's I got the commando half sole which makes the heel slightly lower compared to the forefoot. Before I settled on the commando sole I was going to get the heel dropped 1/4", but with the commando I went full height on the heel. My White's are very comfortable and have been since the first time I put them on. The arch...
 LOL I've always had big legs and I've been doing lots of leg presses and calf raises this year. I guess I'll just wait and see if they'll come out with a slim straight cut. I don't really want to have a 9" leg opening or have to get them slimmed down. Thanks!
How much will the thighs stretch? I'm wondering if I could do the slim cut. My waist is about 34" but my thighs are just over 23" each and my calves are around 15.5". The slim 33 would have a 33.5" waist with 22.9" thighs, 16" knee, and 15" at the cuff. I'd probably need the thighs to stretch .5-1" (since they'd be tighter sitting down). 
Very nice, thanks!   Are there any other offers running right now (or soon)?
 Well, I would have bought at least one pair if a cut with tapered leg and wide enough thighs was offered. 
Okay, that's a convincing argument for White's.    So for a black boot that crosses from jeans / casual to cords / Friday biz casual should I go black CXL or horse hide? With my brown CXL boots they get dinged up easily, but with a deer bone, Venetian Cream, and lots of brushing it's easy enough to bring them back to looking good. I don't know if the black holds up as well, or how the horsehide holds up. 
 Interesting... I'm considering a pair of black boots for this fall / winter and I'd narrowed it down to another pair of White's (I have a pair of brown CXL semi-dress) or the OSB Trench boots in black with dainite.  You'd go White's over OSB? I liked the shape of the OSB but I'd be interested in your take. 
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