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    What about a grammar class? It is you who requires a grammar lesson. The usage of "a" or "an" before a word in not down to the spelling of the following word but the pronunciation. We were not invited to "an Alfred Sargent trunk show" but to " a AS trunk show". Note the pronunciation of "a" and Alfred is the same as in apple, whereas in AS it is "A" as in May.   It is the same between "a history of car making" and "I'll be with you in an hour" or "a wedding is a union...
  As opposed to "feel"meaning fit, I was meaning the feel of the sole when walking, I find my AS shoes feel a little thin compaired to my Churchs
Gentlemen,   For my 30th brirthday later this year, I have decided to treat myself to a pair of either Edward Greens (Harrogate) or AS HGs (Pendle).  I would be grateful if there is anyone who owns both (not the paricular models) and can give me their opinions.   For me, although look is obviously important, it is the feel of the shoes that matters most, especially the comfort when walking.  I have a pair of AS Moors (exclusive range), and although they look...
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