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By the way, I'm a part-time MBA and a full-time Software Engineer, to clear up why I'm looking for an officer-class watch. The MBA is just part of a shift I'm making from mid-level managment to CIO.   Also, I'm not surprised about all the fake watches, there's a lot of fake business people in MBA programs, too. They've got no background in anything but consider such a program to be a path so success in something... anything.   I'm definitely looking to upgrade the...
Great advice all around, guys. I'm looking into a vintage datejust and possibly an Omega Seamaster. I'm a bit concerned about the repair bills though. Do Omega's require frequent (and expensive) repairs? I know a few people with Rolexs who ocassionaly cough up $1,000 or so for repairs. Is the Omega any less costly to maintain?   Also, is there a reputable online resaler for vintage watches?   Thanks again!   Jon
Hello, everyone. I've got a question involving a wardrobe investment.   I'm 43 years old and coming from an IT background. I'm going to start an MBA program in New York next year and I'm moving into management.   I've got two dark suits (Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger) and one light suit (Calvin Klein), all are in pristine condition. I've got at least five blazers and some nice slacks. I've got about 8 dress shirts in good shape, a navy blue blazer and a pair...
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