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once found a kiton shirt, the thing had blood stained on the cuffs/chest. Small holy in the pit. I assume a bar fight casual. In terms of brioni I occassionally find a shirt or something. Only once found a nwot trench, back when the goodwill was good. The glory days.
i nominate this for tastiest looking dish shown in the thread....
A good day in the thrift. first..a box...inside...Next at the same store...vintage willis & geiger a-2 bomber jacket issue airforce New york , crispyQuote:         Final find of the day...Crazy Ravazollo suit 42R for peanuts 
Just a few things today Arcteryx mens windstopper jacket sz M    very nice to look at charvet striped tie 
also, the dior pants went to vexco ! Trading for denimz....mmmm....
Very smil pickings today. found some stuff today guys, all available   brooks brothers golden fleece(BB logo) Tie from jun 2010   Native Hardrop XP
@sparrow....amazing mate. I hope your bounty continues.   Also, went out for a bit and found something a bit less traditional ...available Protip: they go to the ankle, great to show off boots with. sz 50 Dior for japan only; fits surely to a 34. Pictures wont do justice, getting back from cleaners tomorrow.
a few things I found in the past month or so...everything available. Too much homework to post the reset. ravazzolo charvet pink paisley 80s converse 10.5 redwing 11.5   46L OrvisxHtweed \ pure cashmere zegna Small mulholland bros x Eddie Bauer S. Dali reprint
hello all, i have returned from studying abroad and just to let everyone know, I meant to send my secret santa and have cooperated with said recipient about the matter. I hope he shows off what I sent, probably the coolest find I have gotten in a while. Also, nice to see everyone is well in health and spirits.
Is elevee bespoke sportcoat worth a pick up? edit:
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