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Is there a different sale code for tote holders? I didn't get the newsletter.
Interested in the suede Harrington
Can Vass make any shoes in a wide size?
I picked up a pair of the Carmina chelsea boots on sale, and they fit well, except they are a bit loose above the ankle (probably because I have skinny legs). Any idea how to make them fit better?
Do you think the sportcoats that are listed on sale would be alterable to work for somebody who is 5'4"?
Are the dandy pants still coming?
I assume the Queens last can't be ordered in a wide size?
  I think it's pretty nice. The fabric texture is pretty neat. I don't have any other EG outerwear, so I don't have much to compare it with. It is a bit pricey though.  
I got the lined grey one and it seems reasonably warm. It's only partially lined though.
Can the Alcudia last be made in a wide fitting?
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