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 No XS?
​What size do you recommend in the Bumfreezer? I'm 5' 4" with a 34" chest. XS or XXS?
Anyone have a 29x30 in the camo hunting pant they're looking to sell? I picked up a 30x30 a little while ago but they're a little too big for me.
Can someone PM me the code too?
Not super wide -- I fit pretty well in the Sport Trainers sized up 1/2. I find sizing up on Chelsea boots doesn't always work though because you can't really tighten them.
How well will the Carver Chelsea boots work for a wide foot?
I'm selling a pair of Alden Kudu Indy Boots (AF64), size 8E in the Trubalance last. They were worn for several months. Vibram soles have little wear on them.   Alden shoe bags and box will be included. Shipping free to CONUS.
Selling a pair of Ruby shell cordovan Carmina captoe shoes, originally purchased from Epaulet. They're new, only tried on a few times, but never worn. These are size 8 UK / 9 US in the Queens last. Comes with lasted shoe trees and shoe box (top of box is scuffed up, see pictures). Shipping is included to CONUS.
Selling a pair of the Momotaro x Blue Owl BOM008-T denim, size 31. They haven't been worn much, maybe a dozen times. I'm selling them because they are a size too big for me. Inseam was hemmed by Blue Owl to 31".   Measurements from Blue Owl: Waist: 33" (I actually measure 32" but they will stretch back out) Rise: 10.25" Thigh: 11.5" Knee: 8.2"   More details here:
I'm selling a ToJ UMDR calfskin jacket I purchased a few years ago. Measurements: ​ shoulders 15.5" chest (pit-to-pit) 18.5" midsection 16.4" waist 16.5" body length, front 20.5" body length, back 23.0" sleeve length, from shoulder 22.5" sleeve width @ pit 6.4" sleeve width @ elbow 5.6" sleeve width @ cuff 5.2"   Selling since I've only worn it a couple of times and it doesn't fit me quite right. The color is almost black, but a shade lighter. Price is $500...
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