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Looking to purchase a pair in sz 34w ,price depending on condition but for a new pair i'd happily pay double retail for what they we're sold for back in 06
Price depends on condition, but i'll be willing to pay alot for a pair of these. Also intrested in any other kiefer sz 12's you might have, so feel free to contact me either through pm here, or you can email me metroplekz at gmail dot com
like the title says, name your price, 10 years running on ebay as a buyer/seller tons of feedback on hypebeast,iss and strictly supreme.  lmk if you have a pair of these that you might consider letting go of, and we'll go from there.
Still on the hunt!
As the title says, i'm looking to trade my GT-J29 in size L for a M, brand new, never removed from the bag, dont have any previous dealings with people on this site, but i can list numerous refrences from other sites under the same username as here.   I'll also offer 200$ as a finders fee for anyone that can source me a GT-J29 in size M.
Like the title says looking to purchase one of these jackets in the size specified, now i've tried to research pricepoints as best i could, but the only one i could find was an ebay auction from this past fall where one sold for a little over 500$ in like new condition. So to make people more inclined to start letting go of theirs, i'll offer double that. So lmk if you have one of these, or know where i can find one, and we can chop it up. One.
1500$ offer still stands. 
Still got 1500$ on whoever can sell me one of these.
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