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The sleeves look fine to me. If I may ask, who is your tailor?
Are you sure you can still breathe in those - I think I've tried a few suits/shirts from from Indochino and Modern Tailor - I'd usually end up with a couple of refittings just to get it near perfect.
I think it's a good offer/good marketing. People will definitely talk about and be curious about their clothing. Anyone else tried it?
I ordered a few blue poplins and tuxedo shirts and pretty much satisfied with their shirts and shipping was righ ton time.
True. What's wrong with wearing it with a white shirt?
Thre's nothing wrong with it. Keep wearing your trousers and pair them with your sports coat or blazers, etc.
I'd advise against going for a bigger suit then tailoring it down. A simple alteration with the sleeve or even the hem is fine but to completely re-do or re-cut the suit might be too risky.
The first two pictures are fine but the rest of the pictures just have too busy patterns.
Linen, twill, and gabardine are slightly stiff which make them more crisp.
Ideally the suit's length should at least hide your backside, regardless of your height.
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