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I s leather going to be big in 2013? If so, I'm a loser. The last time I wore a leather jacket was when I was in college..and that was ancient history.
I actually had a suit jacket altered a bit since I haven't worn the jacket for a long time somehow I too realized I lost a bit of weight and the tailor was quite precise and was able to get the jacket fit me again. He took about an inch off the waist area so it wouldn't look too bulky. But yes it can be done.
I have to admit, I do consider what the group think says but at the end of the day, I still wear what I want to wear.
Just a bit wide on the shoulders in my opinion.
I agree with the guys. Either way, it's good.
It looks tight and that's why the pockets are the way they are. Tapering is the least of your issues.
Yeah that can work, or casually - try on jeans.
It's not exactly in the same league as most luxury brands so there's no comparison with say a suit made in Savile Row.
Yes, I like the first one too.
The pants and waist could use some tapering. Bespoke tailors can make modifications but I don't see why it isn't a precise fit considering it does take multiple fittings before finishing a custom made suit.
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