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Go for the brown AE's since you already have black and grey.
Put on a blazer that should add some style to that combination.
Hugo Boss isn't all that bad I mean the brand won't last this long if it wasn't good.
It would be a good idea to have your blazer custom tailored with your specifications, try any of the online mtm stores.
Though I've never owned one, I've seen several boglioli suits/jackets on ebay for about $ 300-$500, brand new and used coats.
Solid shirts with suits will always be a classic ensemble and I myself prefer solids, work mostly calls for it as well.
Not crazy with a pink shirt either. Mine's usually tailored shirts in light blues, whites, or off-whites.
How can you tell if it's the real deal?
I agree. Based from what I can see, the issue is largely around the chest area being too big or loose, the arms look shirt though.
I looked this up and hope it helps you in NY
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