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or you can also wear a navy blazer if you're not keen on the sportcoat.
No they don't need to match.
Suitsuopply's really good at least for me I had a navy suit from them that still looks good after several months of almost regular use.
The jacket is a bit short and it's made of cotton. Wool would be more appropriate for work and only get a slim fit if you have the measurements for it.
I like that look but I do agree with the part with tucking in your shirt.
Proper attire for classical performances are rare these days, you barely see them even in suits. So your choice of attire would be fine in Santa Barbara.
    This one.
Maybe opt for a period costume type of dress code.
The fit is the most important requirement in improving yourself, second only is syle. So you can have a 3-piece suit in a luxury fabric and get all the attention because it's ill-fitting.
Pale blue, or just an off-white shirt.
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