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My vote goes to camel as well. I think it is just as versatile as the navy.
If you're concerned about the collars, the general rule is to not wear dress shirt collars with a similar shape of your face. But since you have an oval face, you can pull off wearing most types of collar.  
The jacket length should just be long enough cover your backside.
Flip flops with suits are a no-no in my book.
I feel like the suit is shapeless for some reason, the waist area needs to be taken in a bit.
Why don't you just buy some shirts? I'm sure you canbuy new ones worth $25.
I agree with this too. There's just too much pattern there that needs to be muted.
When I think of polos I think of Lacoste or Ralph Lauren.
I see the denim jacket a lot on women but it's not my cup of tea .
If I can buy only one pair, I'd start with black shoes and as the guys suggest, brogues would be a good start.
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