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APart from white/blue tailored shirts, light pastels would be good for your collection.
I believe there is a thread on khaki here somewhere, have you tried searching for tailored khakis?
I can't even recognize the man int he suit? Is he a celebrity?
I just looked at a few Jack Victor suits on ebay and found really good wools for less than $300. Seems like a good deal.
Needs a tapered waist and trousers.
There are quite a lot, Ralph Lauren Black Label, Jos A Bank, SuitSupply jus to name a few.
I agree with the guys here too. Stick with the classic - black tie or just wear a great-looking suit.
  Yes, please don't wear a pinstripe to n interview. Stay with a solid suit for the interview, then if you're hired and starts working for the company slowly build yoour wardrobe, then wear the pinstripe.
Maybe it's the type of glue that the manufacturer used on the suit. I have fused suits dry cleaned many times and luckily never had this problem.
It's unusual is what I think it is, definitely not your traditional suit.
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