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  Too short trousers
What I can tell you is don't wear the 3-piece suit during summer.
Don't worry too much about it it's fine.
  Who would want to wear this one?
Is it bespoke? The jacket looks dated and worn out be honest.
I believe Austin Reed suits are fully canvassedn but not fused.
  This sums up what I have to say about the paisley bow tie.
When it comes to style, you need to be aware of the kind of lifestyle you have to sustain it. It would be inappropriate to wear c asual clothing in a conservative banking industry for example. So when you have figured out your style, confidence comes naturally.
It's always a good idea to purchase suits especially for the lifestyle you lead. You can always have tailor made suits so it gives you extra material for future alterations or adjustments.
Try and look around M&S, Paul Smith, Topman.
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