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A wool suit is ideal since it breathes well and very durable perfect for a busy lifestyles.
I prefer the Savile Row overcoat a bit looser, I don't really favor slim fitting overcoats as it limits my movement especially when I'm wearing a suit underneath.
While I find it convenient to shop online, some still prefer the traditional way of going to the shops or meeting with their custom tailors. I suggest try 1 MTM online and purchase a shirt that way you can check for yourself the quality of the shirt, but don't forget to read the return policy in case you're unsatisfied with your purchase.
Armani introduced the power suits back in the 80s and broad padded shoulders. But everything's bigger and bolder back then probably the reason why designers like him thrived during that time.
I believe it can the width can be reduced but you have to take it to your tailor so he can gauge the fabric.
Well for one thing the 80's was a time of excess - thus the power suit emerged.
Bogliolo is one of the finest and Mr. Porter has it online as well.
I agree with the guys here, a tweed sports coat and jeans would be good.
They need to show a more costume-y collection online to add a bit of drama. But the classic collections are what draws people to the brand and of course it's a fantastic brand. Tom Ford never disappoints in my opinion.
  Nice suit. I like that shade of grey what fabric is that?
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