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Cheers man! All the best and I hope you're able to find the right clothes that will work for you.
He may not be as detail-oriented as you would hope him to be but if you can convince him to rework the suit that would be good.
The gingham tie looks fine. Enjoy the wedding.
Looks really good and easy on the eyes. Congrats!
  You probably won't even get a decent tailored suit in that price range. Online stores have that price, when they're on sale.
I haven't worn a white suit before and I probably won't in the future unless the occasion I'm attending requires me to.
What I like about the Lacoste polos is that even after a couple of years, the color's till good and wearable.
For $30, let it go and buy a new one - heck by two of those.
For that price, try ebay or amazon
If  it feels good then I think altering the coat is unnecessary. As for the sleeves they're fine you can always wear gloves if gets too cold, the color's great by the way.
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