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too big and loose for your frame, maybe just stick with a 2-piece suit.
th eclothes don't fit well on their models.
I prefer the second image and would agree on the notion that it should take several fittings to get the fit right with a bespoke suit .
I'm bettingon the first one.
Wearing patterned pants can be tricky as you really need to balance the look with just a solid shirt.
He's probably just looking for affirmation on his wardrobe. But I agree that it would take a really naive individual to screw something as basic as that ensemble.
  Probably the wisest thing to do instead of picking you r brains out if you're dressing appropriately or not.
And that's how you wear a white shirt.
"The white jacket variation of black tie began in the early 1930s as a way for well-heeled vacationers to dress formally in the tropical heat without having to endure the heavy and dark-colored fabrics that were standard for evening wear at the time.  While dinner suits have become much more lightweight since then, the light-colored jacket has remained a popular warm-weather alternative to its ebony progenitor. "
try an unstructured grey sport coat
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