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I encourage anyone on the fence to get these. One of my favorites for fall/winter/spring, for sure.
@MacktasticGDogg Are those the tan medium wales? The color looks a lot less gold than on the site.
Based on the measurements and everyone's pictures, I will go up one size. Otherwise I risk looking like an overstuffed sausage.
I do too. But I hope no one here is wearing shoes like those in the OP with jeans.
I didn't mean to rub it in. 
I remember seeing this post back when it was first posted. I remember wanting both coats. I now own versions of each from Valstar. I'm pretty sure there is an NMWA allegorical story to be told here.
 My Alden unlined suede chukkas get the most wear, but exclusively casual.My Heschung suede boots are awesome, but not a one shoe.My various bucks and suede sneakers are what they are. My one suede shoe would be my Vass wingtips. 
My latest note is from Be__ (I assume Ben). If we are playing Bingo, I'm closing in on the win.
 I just throw them in my washing machine like I would any other cotton pant. I haven't experienced any noticeable shrinkage.
Thanks, Greg. You talked me into my third order of the week.
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