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I once attended a wedding as the best man dressed as a sanitation worker: I wish I had known. 
That makes sense. Mine is towards the other end of the spectrum.
Mine is heavier. I wish I could tell you more about the fabric, but here's how I do it. I stop by Chris Despos's shop, tell him I want a hopsack sport coat, he shows me what fabric he would use, I approve, and he makes the coat. Then, when I pick it up, he tells me he should also make the trousers because I will like it and use it as a suit, I approve, and he makes it. So now I have a navy blue hopsack suit that, not shockingly, I like and use quite a bit. But at no point...
I have a hopsack suit I've been wearing regularly for more than a year. The trousers have zero issues holding a crease.
I received my first pair of Walts today. Won't be my last.
Please unbutton your bottom button. Please.
You didn't.
That looks great, Newc. Probably the best RTW can look. But it makes me appreciate what Chris has made for you even more. 
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