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I wear navy suede with denim on the weekends quite a bit. Personally, I think it's the best pairing of the current offerings.
Alden snuff suede plaza lasted boot:
 Thanks for the feedback. I saw the cloth at Despos's workshop a few weeks ago and it caught my eye. Seeing as I can get the Formosa delivered next week for under $1,400, it seems like a no-brainer, but I'm still tempted to buy a few meters and let Chris make it up for me.
There is a Formosa on sale that has my eye (Minnis houndstooth). All of my suits are bespoke save for a couple of older RLBLs. I previously tried a Formosa tux and had minor fit issues with the lapels bowing. I suspect the flannel wears a little easier, helps hide the minor fit issues, plus is available in a L (the tux was an R and I am definitely an L). For those of you with Formosa RTW experience, should I take the plunge?
I don't think I've posted these in here before. Green suede Vass.  
 Thanks. They are a strong green that I tend to wear in much more casual settings, but I tried them out today specifically to see how they would do in a primarily brown setting (rather than the blues and grays I normally wear with them). Overall I think it isn't bad. I have a pair of brown cordovan wingtips in the office and I think they look "nicer," but they typically look nicer than just about anything else I can wear. 
Thanks guys.
Sometimes I take this a bit too far. Example from today: 
Totally. My point is mostly that because perfect matching is not the goal, it's ok to even start with different shades.  
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