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Tweed? I have tweed fabric waiting to be made up for a grey herringbone SC. I'm surprised that isn't more useful for you.
 A wedding I attended last year, the groom and all of the groomsmen (including me) wore these three specific ties. The blue Shepherd's check was great with charcoal suits.
I'm 6'2" and take an L in IM. I have three linen sweaters from 2014. All three are about a size too large (fit identical to the 2015 linen XLs I've tried on). They work, but are generously cut. I have a bull wool Gansey in L that is borderline too short (I find myself tugging on it throughout the day). I have a linen sweater from 2015 that is the best fitting sweater I own. Based only on my experience, the Gansey runs slightly shorter than the others, so you may be...
Me. I'll send you my payment details shortly.
It is both strong and accurate.
But you are 100% wrong about that being an issue in BigLaw. 100% wrong.
archibaldleach gets it. And if Arnold/bodybuilders are your counter-example, you are just solidifying my point.   And Noodles isn't going to be able to do anything to look like Murl (and vice versa).
Your shoulders are wide or narrow, sloped or square, muscular or slender because they are. Wanting to be something you're not because you think one natural condition is better (or looks better) is kind of messed up.   It is a hyperbolic point, but reading this thread makes me feel like the times I've read about people being concerned about how light or dark their complexion is and thinking a different complexion is better.
That's who I use. Highly recommended.
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