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I had to grab the new suede wingtips. Had to, right? Fred, we're fraternal twin shoe brothers. I also grabbed another Farnese tubo and Big John shrink to fit jeans. The size of the unshrunk jeans is a bit intimidating. I have to trust the guidance of others on their sizing.
I now have a confirmed Vass size. This could be dangerous.
You just described me 4-6 days a week.
Same here. Vass, Big John, and Farnese sitting in my office (but I'm not).
"A Few of My Favorite (Slept-on) Things"   by Patrick R     Summary: 1. Stephan Schneider - Gemini hooded cardigan in grey cotton 2. Heschung - Nils chukka boot in anthracite grey 3. Pedaled - Discovery shell in stone ventille cotton 4. Makintosh - ink blue Dunoon handmade hooded raincoat 5. Oliver Spenser - short sleeve linen madras shirt     Details:   1. Stephan Schneider - Gemini hooded cardigan in grey...
 87% by diameter. 75% by area. /enginerd
 Suit and shirt are by Chris Despos. It's a navy hopsack and the scratched lens iPone shots don't do it justice.
There was a hole in my tie collection with respect to the color burgundy. I think this suits the role perfectly. I like simple and this tie is dead simple.    http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/neckties/burgundy-self-tipped-silk-tie-beige-blue-prints.html    
Agreed. Even in July, I'm finding myself in them three days a week.
Loaded up my cart, checked out, updated my wish list, noticed that something I thought was long since sold out was not, loaded up the cart, checked out...        Thanks for the sizing help, Greg. I'm looking forward to trying a few more "new to me" brands (Big John and Vass).
New Posts  All Forums: