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There is definitely a difference, but a half size difference doesn't necessarily mean everyone should buy a larger size. For example, I take the 52 wool with the waist taken in a touch and the 52 cotton with no waist adjustment. In my experience, the biggest difference is between the lightweight wool (fits trimmer) and the flannel (fits fuller).
 Interesting, my experience may be an outlier. My pair is several years old. I inquired two years ago about slightly loose stitching on the toe of one of the shoes. They told me to send it in, restitched it, reconditioned it, and sent it back free of charge. Last year I had a minor issue with one of the insoles. Again, they asked me to send them in, and they came back free of charge with new insoles, laces, etc. I have no reason to doubt anyone else's poor experience (nor...
As a fellow member of "no loafers in my closet" club, I would wear boat shoes. I wear my Oak Street Bootmakers chromexcel boat shoes into the ground in the summer. In addition to the style and quality of construction, OSB takes the same approach to customer service as NMWA so they get the nod from me.
   Let me add some context. I had used in-person MTM a significant number of times over about a decade from several (5?) different professional operations. I'm 6'2", 185 lbs. and a pretty standard 42L with about a 6-7" drop. I don't have an outlandish body shape. With RTW, I know exactly what I am getting and and, if it doesn't work, I return it. With MTM there was always a promise/hope that the next piece was going to fit perfectly. It just never did. So I was paying more...
I generally believe MTM to be the worst of all.   I admit that there have been times I've imagined SVB going to Chris Despos and showing us how to properly fit his frame.
If the only choices are trouser 1 or trouser 2, I'd throw some jeans on and end the discussion. If there is a middle ground to be had, taper trouser two below the knee.
40L - nope15.75 - nope11.5 - quiet, you!
New Posts  All Forums: