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You have said this before and I have agreed before, but I will agree again for Newc's benefit.
Unscientific personal opinion based on my experience of my daily wears:Better than Allen EdmundsOn par with AldenOn par with Crockett & JonesA slight step below VassA slight step below Buday
I would be 52 in Formosa, 54 in Edios, and VI in Merino. So maybe you can go down a size from me in the SB. I took the XXL with liner for over a jacket.
I'm not sure why I did, but I assumed "with jacket" underneath. So yes, I agree with you (obviously).
Thanks, Greg. Yes, I wear it with the liner and often wear it over a jacket or sweater. It's really fantastic. I know we talk about the Moscow as being the cold weather killer, but there hasn't been any temp in Chicago this winter that the SB hasn't been warm enough.Such a great product.rydenfan - I'm a VI in SS.
How to size the Bumfreezer please? Particularly in reference to The Single Breasted. My XXL is perfect.
I was just talking into the Conservation in blue/grey heavy twill wool with blue knit lining and I'm glad I was.
 As are mine. I have a few pairs of Barrie and Trubalance lasted Aldens in 11D and, in each instance, there is extra volume in the shoes. I will not be surprised if a 10.5D is a solid fit.
I buy them explicitly because they are 9. Will stop buying them if they are not. I simply don't ever reach for my narrower ties.**except in casual situations, when I like the narrower untipped cashmere Calabreses.
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