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I'm pretty sure that was the original point of the thread.
lolYou can never assume you have a randomized cross-section in a self-selecting poll.
Surely those aren't the only three options. If you think they are, learn2science.
That is amazing. I am literally laughing out loud. The worst shirt in the history of shirts. Luxire has some hits and misses, too many misses for me to remain a customer (every alteration I made to my pattern resulted in a cascade of additional problems), but this is fantastic.
Something that looks worse to most people.
I voted that I am the best. You know, for science.
Valstar field coat landed in Chicago today. I'm in San Fransisco until mid-week.
 Buy the tie.
 Put one on. Take a photo. Post the photo here. Tag me. I will tell you whether you look good or bad. I will not lie.
New Posts  All Forums: