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Looks like the Pembroke on the 325. Great shoe.
In my opinion that jacket is supposed to hit at the hips. Looks spot on to me.
New to the party. We'll see about sizing. I'm normally somewhere between an 11D to 11.5D. I'm trying an 11. The pricing with the discount is ridiculous.
I just got my tracking number this afternoon. It's going to take me a few days.
Just because a suede chukka would have been a better boot for that fit doesn't mean I object to what was worn. Sometimes good enough is just that.
Saddle looks great. No doubt. That said, saddle wasn't going to get me to spend my cash. But that Mocha...
You just sold a pair of those mochas.
 These colors are a bit off in this photo, but I like a grey cashmere tie with a blue coat in a more casual fit.
 That's caused by the shape of your foot.
New Posts  All Forums: