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Forward folds towards the centerline (fly).
Poorly lit and hanging upside down:
A brief glimpse at my extremism (quick shots of my winter closet right now): Two patterned t-shirts (neither has been worn in the last year or longer), one patterned sweater, all solid pants: Simple shoes (admittedly hard to see): Solid flannels: One herringbone jacket (far right), one navy jacket with a lighter blue overcheck (second from right), one very faint narrow striped navy suit (fifth from right): My shirts are harder to capture, but you would see half...
No, just personal aesthetic preference. I am also a musician (bass player - both classical and rock music), with a preference for playing fewer notes and a stronger preference for playing roots and the most simple harmonies (3rds and 5ths). I have a similar preference in architecture. Even with the food I eat I am labeled an "anti-foodie" by those around me in that I like a small number of simple ingredients, simply prepared.
Funny, my opinion is the exact opposite. Solids are perfection and variation from that can be just fine, but the best solids are always better (to me) than any variation. Obviously that is my personal opinion and not the majority opinion.
Definitely not alone.
 The answer is yes and there is no room for disagreement in the manner you framed the question. There exists at least one mid-gray jacket that looks good, with at least one set of accompanying articles of clothing, on at least one man, in at least one social context. If isn't as common or easy as other colors may be due solely to cultural context, but it isn't nearly as difficult as many here believe. If you have a hard time thinking of how to use a mid-gray jacket, think...
I like 2 as well, but you should have stopped here.
 The POW tie will look much nicer with the blue coat/suit. And it already looks quite nice.
I love that tie, but I would have worn the tie with a much less casual look, so it is interesting to me to see it worn this way.
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