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 My brother. 34mm was as big as I wanted to go. It's such a great all-purpose watch.
How many times have you worn them? Mine kept breaking in for months, but the general fit was settled much more quickly. Maybe 3-5 wears.
I should get to 175. I was 185 when I graduated high school and have stayed there since. But up until I turned 30 I played basketball and similar activities for several hours a day. Since 30 (9 years ago), I have not been nearly as active.
6'2" 185lbs.
Thanks for the feedback. Anyone want a Gemini in size VII? Ha!
Crappy, indoor, iPhone selfie:
Inaugural wear: Nomos Orion 35mm
That was my impression, but is it too short?
Gemini cardigan: Too short?
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