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Good, we aren't the same size. You can keep buying these socks without incurring my wrath.
 Most days of the week in the fall, winter, and early spring I wear a navy cashmere jacket, grey flannels, a pale blue shirt and dark brown cordovan wingtips. My main deviation from you is that I go tieless with a button down collar (OCBD to compliment the texture of the coat and pants). I will consider swapping in a solid navy tie to "get my spectre on."
 If you posted photos in the WAYWRN thread of someone wearing those combinations you would elicit a lot of criticism. I (and I assume others) have intentionally withheld criticism because this is your thread and it is not cool (and would look malicious) to come in and trash your postings in your own thread. I know my criticism is not terribly helpful, but hopefully you can get some more useful criticism like Claghorn's.
 I'm normally an L or XL. I took a 3XL. If you are normally a small, you might actually want the measurements for the XLs. But I don't know if the size differences are so extreme in the smaller sizes.
 I don't have the small measurements, but I took an XL. These were its measurements:Shoulder: 18.5" Chest: 46" Sleeve: 34" Length: 28.5" Compared to the measurements for the other S&C crew necks (http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/serpentine-green-slim-cashmere-crew-neck-sweater-2316.html):Chest: 45.6" Sleeve: 35" Length: 27.2" I think you could guess that the cashmere cable is going to be slightly longer in the body. But it is so springy, I'm not sure I would worry...
 "Could work with black jeans and sneakers for a more SW&D look maybe?"-Yes "And dark-grey wool pants might work with black derbies"-Yes Examples of it worn: [[SPOILER]]
 Until the NMWA crew confirms perpetual restocks, you should not let the word spread. 
Frank, the boots/shoes look perfect.
Patrick R's Winter Sleeping Beauties 1. Oliver Spencer: Green Lambeth coated canvas bomber This is the number one sleeper in my list. Why? I didn't even notice it before. It's a weather-proofed cotton bomber that will get better with each wear. Looks great. How did I miss this?   2. Big John: Blue selvedge herringbone shirt I haven't seen anyone talk about Big John shirts. They should. This one gets all the details right.   3. Oliver Spencer: Rockland...
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