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I'm a 45 in the F-last and a 10.5 or 11 in the Barrie last and I took an 11 in the Heachung Malko, which is my only Heschung experience.
It hasn't been a problem for me here in Chicago. The SB with liner has handled everything thrown its way so far.
 I'll make your point for you by saying my personal experience already disagrees. I have a 45 F-last suede wingtip that is a perfect fit. I have two Alden Barrie lasted shoes that are 11.0 D and they are both much wider than the F-last. I certainly wouldn't want to go swimming in a Barrie 11.5.
My experience with B. Nelson has been perfect. Great service.   As a small business owner that has learned that a problem customer is never worth the fee, I wouldn't want any part of that order either. Whether or not you would actually be a pain in the ass as a customer, you send enough warning signals that it wouldn't be worth the risk.
 Nick at Oak St. Tailors is my guy as well.
I intentionally sized up on my SB (with liner) to wear over sport coats. It's perfect as long as you add one size up for the liner and one size for wearing over another coat.
All Epaulet day: Shawl neck Heirloom cardigan Chambray Individualized shirt Snuff suede belt (not visible) Rust Walts Alden snuff suede chukkas (first Epaulet purchase a few years back)
I don't take photos often and when I do, they aren't anything special, but here are a couple of the mid gray flannel that I am wearing today (the shirt is also from Chris): 
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