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Gemini cardigan: Too short?
A few weeks in with a handful of full day's wear and my assessment remains. They have stretched noticeably (or I should say the footbed has molded well) and they fit ok, but I would love a 43.5.
And the result (too busy with the boys to get a proper shot):I'm glad fall finally came.
 It's the Juncus:   and they will have it in this oversized twill pattern, but in a beige/oatmeal color: 
The original white dial, gold indices, and blue hands.
I went in for a Milgauss back in 2010 and left with an Air King. Sticking with my "smaller is better" theme, I have a 35mm Nomos Orion on its way.
If only it were half the size.
Close up showing two tone fabric texture:
Apolis Wool Chore Jacket http://store.apolisglobal.com/jackets/indigo-wool-chore-jacket/#raw-indigo I bought it online at East Dane.
 Me too.
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