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For comparison purpose, Vass: 
Nope. Straight off the site: http://www.pantaclothing.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=BDSDD On sale and delivered for less than $550 with bags and lasted trees. 
Sizing confirmed. I'm glad to be in on the party. Now, keep this party quiet. As Ozzy and Frank have said, "Buday is nice to have as our little secret."
I misunderstood. Yes, the collar should break in and give you the spread you expect. It just needs to run through the wash.
A major advantage of a button down collar is that when worn unbuttoned the collar doesn't spread out and, instead, stays standing in place. If you don't like that look, then the button down collar is not for you.
It looks less shiny. But it is a vegetable tanned leather, so there is some shine to it.
Clean off any dust or dirt with a rag. Use minimal water if needed (unless you went off-roading in the mud, it won't be needed). Take an old medium thickness or thicker wool sock, place your hand in it, buff the shoe in small sections. Buff each section until it heats up. Skip using any products outside of a once a year or once every few years replenishment of the oils.
New Posts  All Forums: