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I have said a number of times I wear a lot of brown/blue/grey. Here are examples from this week of NMWA helping me get my brown/blue/grey on in varied contexts:   Begg & Co. scarf in a a business setting (brown shoes, grey suit and socks, blue shirt, tie, and overcoat - brown and blue scarf):         Heschung boots and Schneider sweater in a business casual setting (brown boots and belt, gray pants, blue shirt, sweater, and socks):         Buttero sneakers...
The hidden placket kept me from buying the original.
I like it better than the original merino design.
AAS - I saw your post and thought, "if only he didn't wear that tie." I'm glad you agree. Sans tie, I love it.
 What shoes are these? They're lovely.
The V doesn't bother me at all. It sits under the hem and a shoe with a V will always be able to be laced tightly. A shoe without a V may not always. That said, the reality is, these Vass just fit me unbelievably well. 
 Here's an example of a pair of Vass doing their || thing:   Here's a pair of C&J doing their V thing:
Here's a pair of the Peal & Co. punch caps on the 240 last after a few years of wear. I'm still a big fan of these.    
Posting only because I don't think I've posted a shot in a suit that wasn't made by Chris Despos in several years. This one is a RLBL charcoal birdseye. It also is pretty personally representative of my almost daily grey, blue, brown motif.   Here's the shape:   Here are the colors:     Out on the street:
Being 6'2", I'm always leery of Japanese brands. What's the sizing like compared to reigning champ or other NMWA brands?
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