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I intentionally sized up on my SB (with liner) to wear over sport coats. It's perfect as long as you add one size up for the liner and one size for wearing over another coat.
All Epaulet day: Shawl neck Heirloom cardigan Chambray Individualized shirt Snuff suede belt (not visible) Rust Walts Alden snuff suede chukkas (first Epaulet purchase a few years back)
I don't take photos often and when I do, they aren't anything special, but here are a couple of the mid gray flannel that I am wearing today (the shirt is also from Chris): 
I lied, I wore the wrong coat today. So here is a previous picture:  and here is another shot from yesterday: 
I'm 6'2" 175lbs. I'm going to post a picture shortly of me in an XXL NR SB over a suit. I just need to get off this call and take the photo.
Mixed navy is great. It is perfect for the SB.Greg @gdl203: Is there any difference in group 2 fabrics with respect to stiffness/drape/hand as compared to group 1? Or is it simply more complex weaves of the same material?
Having taken NMWA's sizing advice, this has not been my experience. And I am on the narrow side of D, often sizing down to C in C&J and always needing a thicker sock to take up volume in Alden's more generous lasts.
You have said this before and I have agreed before, but I will agree again for Newc's benefit.
Unscientific personal opinion based on my experience of my daily wears:Better than Allen EdmundsOn par with AldenOn par with Crockett & JonesA slight step below VassA slight step below Buday
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