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Correct, but I don't have the grey, only this blue. That said, I would be happy to own every single piece of winter outerwear NMWA has ever carried.
I do.
No problem. 5'6" is closer to one end of the spectrum and, at 6'2", I'm closer to the other. Here is an example of me with a coat that would suit me even better if I were a few inches shorter. But NMWA has taught me that I can be very happy with a wider range of fits in my casual clothes. You won't get me to give up this coat (unless you trade me an MTO copy with another inch or two in the body and sleeves).edit: The coat Kyle is wearing lacks features that are so...
In a vacuum, the length is fine. But the length causes the waist and the belt into an awkward position,
Here is how my version of that coat from last year fits: [[SPOILER]] Being used to that fit makes me not like how yours fits. Looks long and tight through the chest. How tall are you?
36 Rivets with a wash and dry shrunk to a nice fit. 35 Wilshires are a better fit for me than the 36s. I think it is more common to take the same size in both.
Grey Wilshires in the house. As expected, my size is one down from my Rivet size. It is the same thigh, knee, and leg opening as my APC New Standards, with more length in the rise and inseam (both appreciated). You're right, it's a nice cut.My wife saw them and said, "those are grey jeans, but not like people are wearing grey jeans." I'm pretty sure she thinks I have no style. I should start showing her your pictures and see if she likes your style better. Then I'll just...
Not going to happen. No time for that. With a phone I can take the picture and upload it with no fuss (and get shitty results).
It's in your preferences. When people do @Patrick R I get an email. When there isn't a space between the Patrick and the R, I don't.
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