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You got it. (I'll take this content to another thread going forward.)  [[SPOILER]]
 If I were an investor, the first question I would ask is why are you/your business a better investment than anyone else I could invest in.Think of Sam Hober growing and weaving their own silk and their labor costs. Think of Yellow Hook's combination of location, family history, passion, etc. to authentically communicate a brand that matches the product's aesthetic. Think of Mike Kuhle's experience as a buyer before opening Epaulet and his ability to efficiently work with...
 This is an exceptionally important concept for entrepreneurs to understand. FC - I like to start businesses that have some long-term competitive advantage. Buying the patterns inexpensively may be a short-term advantage, but it is not a long-term advantage. 
My coats do the same thing NewC's do. But if I'm going to unbutton them, I'm going to open them as well. The only thing "special" about them is they are balanced and fit.
No direction from me. He asks styling questions like "how many buttons? patch pockets? side tabs or belt loops? and that's all the input I give. If you look back a few months in the unfunded liabilities thread there was talk about a specific fabric he recommended for a sport coat. I saw the post and texted him that I wanted him to make one up for me. He called me last week to ask how I wanted it styled. My answer was "like the brown barleycorn one" (worn yesterday) and...
  Quick and dirty iPhone shots from yesterday and today:  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks. I really should do a better job getting all of Chris's work photographed. In addition to a number of shirts, I have three suits, two sport coats (one more being cut this week), and a pair of pants. They're all really nice.
I do as well. Brass ones nearly exclusively because they stay where I put them on my closet shelf for when I'll use them next. But my bias may be a bit more towards the polished look than many other posters. 
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