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@PocketOfTies should get some sort of credit for selling at least one of those SS shirt-jackets with his photography. I've been living in my Niche corduroy shirt-jacket this past month and this should be a nice compliment as we move into spring.
 I think it is funny that I saw these in another thread and thought, I should comment that these pants appear to be wider legged than typical for FC and then ask you if you were intentionally playing around with proportions. They weren't far enough off for me to even comment. You can definitely take the look further if you are intentionally trying to make a move that direction.
I often think it's too bold when hanging on my tie rack, but it looks awesome with a navy suit. It is printed on twill.
Here's one of mine: 
If this is authentic, you're being obnoxious.
First YHN purchase: Zegna Giant Blue 100% Cashmere Plaid Looking forward to this one.
Excellent price on those two linen ties. Thanks!
 Email sent. Thanks for looking into this.
I was looking back at some of my orders and remembered that these haven't shipped yet. Any estimate for when they will be ready?
I'm a 45 in the F-last and a 10.5 or 11 in the Barrie last and I took an 11 in the Heachung Malko, which is my only Heschung experience.
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