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Shirt measurements laid flat.
Sizing requests G Inglese linen shirt (not popover) Me = 16.25 neck, 19 shoulders, 22 chest (care least about neck, as it will be worn open collar) G inglese = ? G Inglese linen/cotton shirt Me = see above G Inglese = ? I also understand that the shoulders on the G Inglese shirts might measure narrow if the shoulder seam has the same placement as the FW shirts.
If you size down ½ from the AE 5 last, you should get the right heel to ball length and a little extra width in the heel.
 Smart move. The thought crossed my mind and then I didn't pull the trigger. I wish I had.
That's my size. If my order here gets cancelled (as I expect it will), I'll take then off your hands for you.
If one pair is good, two pairs are better. 
 "Please note that we reserve the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order, or any portion thereof, even after your receipt of an order confirmation. We reserve the right to cancel orders due to discrepancies with billing information or if an unauthorized promotion code is used. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to limit the quantity of items purchased and/or to prohibit sales to dealers. In the event that a product is...
 I use Nick at Oak Street Tailors at 67 E Oak, 6th floor.
The two-way zipper is a good plan. I once mistakenly bought a jacket with a one-way zipper - it only went up. It went on with no issues, but I had to cut the jacket off to get out of it. From now on, only two-way zippers for me.
First day with the Pembrokes. Like others have said, comfortable straight out of the box.  
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