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I'm over 20.
I agree that it sounds like you don't want raw denim. 
If you don't regularly wash your pants, they aren't going to hold up.
 I have the khaki and green. They are my favorite chinos - no offense to your canvas, duck canvas, and other offerings. I will have a hard time not buying them in any color you make (I want stone and mid-brown ASAP).
I've been looking for the restock for a couple of months now for that exact reason. When they were initially launched, Mike said "We have to do large minimums to get the fabric, so the first restock wouldn't be until May or so." It's approaching the end of July now and I'm hoping he didn't mean May of 2017! 
So good.
 I like nearly everything you post. This is amazingly perfect.
45 in F and P210 in Frakno
    I have two pair of suede Vass and one pair of reverse calf Buday. I prefer the Buday, but they are all really well made shoes that I am happy to wear at every opportunity. My Vass are on the P2 and F lasts and the Buday are on the Frakno last. I would say the Frakno is most like the F, but in my mind, the Frakno is in between the F and the P2.
I will buy any one of the first three (#2 being my personal favorite):     And this one is the perfect red/blue in my book:  
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