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These are my first Plaza as well. I went with my Brannock size and they are perfect.
Good call. Mine have found more wear than any other footwear since they arrived a few weeks ago. Footwear normally needs time to find a place in the rotation, but these did not.
Don't ask that. "Yes" and "no" are both bad answers.
I think it is worth noting that my La Portegna Fat Carter came with at least as many or more imperfections and has only gained more through use. A year into its life, it looks broken in and well used. It has a look that is well-suited to its design. It is not a "sharp" bag, but it is a beautiful bag.
 It's a phenomenal piece. I have been wearing my lightweight blue version over a t-shirt as more of an around the house look  and the green has taken the role of light outerwear.
 Shoes don't have the same expanse of unsupported structure. For comparison, I wouldn't accept it in a new pair of oxfords either. A bag like this is an entirely different beast.
My flannels take me into the 60s. Once we get to the 70s I switch to lighter weight fabrics. In Chicago that means I wear my flannels most of the year.And, yes, it is appropriate to wear flannels with a typical blue coat. My preference is to pair a navy coat with a mid brown flannel.
I would definitely accept it. Over time, the replacement will be much more creased than that. It is not a defect, but a natural result of the leather being used. It is part of the character of the bag. If you don't like it, I think you should love for a different style bag.
I'm just seeing this now. I'm Patrick R. Poor PatrickR is still getting all of my notifications. Now that I'm subscribed to the thread, I'll keep up and if I can make it work, I'll be there.
That's exactly what to expect from cordovan chukkas.
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