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Incredible. I love it.
At some point in the future I expect to learn that The Noodles is a performance art project directed by Vox.
I love this.
 That's the natural choice!
Why wouldn't you get burgundy loafers rather than black or brown? Seems like a better fit.
I was at Chris's this morning lining up my next pieces and he suggested I come by his workshop while you are there. I may be up for continuing the party beyond the shop, but I will at least meet you there. Just let me know when you plan to arrive at his shop and I'll meet you there.
When will you be in town?
 Maybe I just don't know as much as the typical guy about aging undyed leather, but I had no interest in the shoes until I saw this picture. That is an incredibly cool aging effect.
There is definitely a difference, but a half size difference doesn't necessarily mean everyone should buy a larger size. For example, I take the 52 wool with the waist taken in a touch and the 52 cotton with no waist adjustment. In my experience, the biggest difference is between the lightweight wool (fits trimmer) and the flannel (fits fuller).
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