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And it's what you ordered!http://www.tailor4less.com/en/men/suits/1692-blue-striped-seersucker-suit
With respect to the slightly reddish "polo" suede, here are two pairs of mine: Buday:  Vass: They are fantastic in the summer with lighter grays and beiges. I love love love the color.
That's why I tried to say I couched the suggestion in moderation.
You look so much better here than in your first two pictures.I don't want you to take this advice too far, but you could clean up this look with slimmer jeans and slightly shorter inseam. You want to keep some room in the leg, and you want some stacking of the cuff on your shoes, but there is a mid-point between these jeans and those that are too skinny.
I recently bought a pair. The fit wasn't right so they went back. Had the fit been right, I may have kept them, but they were poorly done. The leather would have been considered second quality by some "lesser" makers. It is a beautiful design, and had it been finished as well and used as nice of materials as I have seen on other EG shoes, it would have been up there on my list of favorites. But, frankly, it was a $300 shoe masquerading as something more.
My birthday is Friday. I am waiting by the mailbox for mine. 
Love the fit and colors. Do not like the collar.
I'm 6'2" and a 1.75" cuffs guy.
 Because the generous and publicly available return policy doesn't allow returns after the product has been altered.
Agreed entirely.
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