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  How about this?
First wear of my first Yellow Hook
   TO Tie Guy boots + Corduroy tweed Walts + Individualized OCBD + suede blouson = my fall 2016 uniform. 
Boots arrived, placed on feet, went to park with my boys to throw the football and run around, good times had by all. Not much to miss!
  Success. Played football with my boys, did some walking, in total I put 5 miles on them today. Victory. Thanks Epaulet and TO Tie Guy.
Say more.
My glen plaid ties see a lot of wear. I've never thought to wear another plaid pattern.   I bought the one on the top of the pile from Yellow Hook last week:     I can attest that it is a beautiful tie in real life as well.
L or XL on the S&C?Cashmere or lambswool?
Now I'm only a few days away from learning whether I guessed right on my Plaza size.
New Posts  All Forums: