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Confirmed and thank you.
@gdl203 - You take a large in all Inis Meain? I have three L (all of the same style) and they fit on the large side. Enough so that I would consider M. Is that a bad idea?
Well-earned and well-deserved.
She's sitting next to me shaking her head.
The quote's confusing, but I left it as it was so she couldn't complain about me misquoting her. She meant: (1) they are grey jeans; (2) people are wearing grey jeans; but (3) these aren't the grey jeans people are wearing. No appreciation for my style.Musicians that follow my band think I'm the coolest, my kids think I'm a dork. My clients and employees think I'm a genius, my wife thinks I'm a goof. Just another day at the R household.
The length is great. What are your other concerns? I think you could length the sleeves a touch and I want to know if you can get the sleeves to fall cleanly - maybe it's just the pose.
Correct, but I don't have the grey, only this blue. That said, I would be happy to own every single piece of winter outerwear NMWA has ever carried.
I do.
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