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 I think a better way to express it is they should be appropriately matched the to overall look/feel of the outfit. For me, it's never, "jeans should be ___ length." It is always evaluated based on how they are being worn. In this case, I think the jeans would look much sharper brought up a bit. If they were worn with a more SW&D top half (and shoes/boots), then their length would be more appropriate.
 I would go with this one: http://luxire.com/products/sky-blue-oxfordI have two shirts in that material and they are great. It's a slightly lighter, brighter color than the classic blue oxford. If you truly want the classic color, go with this: http://luxire.com/products/classic-blue-oxford I have this on order now: http://luxire.com/products/grandi_aurora_07934_09183_pale_blue_oxford but I won't be able to comment on it until I get it. But if you are making up an OCBD, I...
Theresa suggested:summary of suggestion:Neck-band: Fused and linedCollar points: Medium lined, unfusedCuffs: Lightly lined, fused.
 Could be. If I knew how to order that. :)
 Thanks, Wade, I appreciate all input. But I have a Luxire shirt that is unfused and lightly lined. It doesn't have enough structure, even being a medium weight cloth. This lighter wight cloth would be worse. If it were to be worn purely without a jacket or sweater, I'd agree with your suggestion of a light unfused lining 100%.
It's time to put an order in for the Sic-Tess White Blue Hairline Stripes: http://custom.luxire.com/collections/dress-shirts/products/white_blue_hair_line_stripes   I'm going with a button down. With this shirt, I want to have a collar and cuffs that have enough structure to avoid collapsing under the weight of a sweater or jacket. I would go with a light fused interlining for both collars and cuffs, but I don't think a fused button down collar sounds like a good plan....
First, this post could easy be read as being mean spirited, it is not meant that way at all. It would be easy to just pass by this thread and not comment. The following is meant constructively. I would not buy or wear any of those shoes. If I were in a spot where I were considering buying these shoes I would want someone to tell me to look through some if the shoe threads here, look at the offerings of shoe brands known for their classic styles (Crockett & Jones, Alfred...
 Clearly it isn't intended to "fit" like a classic button down shirt would, so any opinion about fit is simply an opinion. With that in mind, it fits through the chest and torso like a close fitting undershirt. If the sleeves were as tightly fitted as the body, it would look more like a compression shirt than a button down shirt.
 It's a good lesson. We all make mistakes like that at some point.
The risk of ordering someone else's collar is you may end up looking like you're wearing someone else's collar!
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