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 Because it isn't.
This makes me appreciate my tailor that much more.
I was in the law school. I'm sure we played together, I was there almost everyday. You may remember me as the guy that sounded like I was having an asthma attack the whole time (I have a narrow windpipe).I didn't grow up playing bball, so I was really just learning the game in 1997.
I overlapped with you, but was just playing at the North Grounds gym in 1997-1998 (with Tiffany? the point on the women's team) and a bunch of law and business students. I didn't start practicing with the squad until the end of 99 and 00.
When did you play?I played a lot of pickup games with the team in the off-season when I was at UVA. The coaches would call me out because I was good enough to make it a good run and old enough to keep emotions in check.
I'm a baller. In.
 I have that sweater in Lisheen. Let me know when to wear it and when to be at Superdawg. 
Congrats to the winners. I enjoyed this contest immensely - every entry was an enjoyable read.
I am a true believer and have experienced NMWA's supreme customer service. Even knowing this, I still suspect it makes a difference. Should it? No. Does it? Maybe.
Other than the suit, none of those items have measurements on the site. I don't think that's a coincidence.
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