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More blue, brown, and gray thanks to NMWA. (Cantarelli sport coat and Bigi tie)  
Rare "sport coat and tie" day for me. Even rarer "tie with button down collar" day for me.    [[SPOILER]]
 Is this the VI that's still left on the site?
 It's all a crazy fantasy.
 Not true. Not even remotely. Within those fields it is a vast minority that know anything about watches. Out of those that know anything, a very small percentage would be ridiculous enough to make judgments based on what you do or don't wear unless you are wearing something obnoxious that intentionally draws attention to your wrist. How do I know? I am the managing partner of a law firm and have spent most of my professional life surrounded by literally thousands of...
Watches no longer function as the only portable mechanism for telling time. So, no, you don't need a watch and, if you don't want one, don't wear one. Personally, I enjoy wearing a classically designed mechanical watch. So I wear one.   Secondarily, those that also care about watches will notice what you are or are not wearing. If one of those people (1) notices, (2) makes judgment about you based on that observations, and (3) has influence in your career or personal...
You're stealing my move. But even I avoid the gray pants and sweater combo.
Quoted for truth.
New Posts  All Forums: