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I wash and dry them on low heat like I would any other cotton pant. They are great fall/winter pants.
 I wear my S&C 6-ply when it is cold and I am going to be hugging people that day. It is the gentlemanly thing to do.
My fawn flannel get worn a lot (about once a week). So do the beige. Both are awesome. But I wear mid-gray at least twice as often - and have twice as many pairs. They are staples.
Time and expense.
It already has a beautifully balanced shape.
They should stop ruining their #8 by painting it purple. It's the silliest thing that Alden does.
 I am happy that my logistical issues involve Chris texting me to let me know what time he's dropping things off at my house on his way home from the shop at night. Quote:Originally Posted by Newcomer  I would say he is middle aged. I expect him to be my tailor for a very long time. He has a kid in college and, as a father myself, I'm sure it's safe to assume retirement isn't eminent.
That looks great.
You understand my pain!
Enjoy.Last time I was there, Chris talked me into setting aside some extra length of cloth for a suit and a sport coat (I was there for shirts and a sport coat, which are both underway). And by "talked me into" he made a soft suggestion and I hopped on it without a second thought. Hahaha. Now I'm excited for things that aren't even in production. ugh!
New Posts  All Forums: