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You shouldn't get any sharp creases on shell. And for the line to develop along an unnatural bend makes me think something funny is going on. But the line doesn't appear to be too significant at this time and they are just shoes. I wouldn't be too freaked out, but if you are super particular, you may want to look at exchanging them.
 Exactly.  Exactly.
Is your foot flexing that far back from the tip? If the shoe is flexing along that line, it will become a roll. It's hard to know if something else is going on from one static picture.
[[SPOILER]] Smart decision.
I was wearing this size 11 U.S. Frakno-last Buday PTB and my size 45 Vass F-last suede wing tips today. There may be just a touch more volume in the waist and arch of the Buday, but the fit is nearly identical.Based on my ordering experience, I wouldn't hesitate to try out a pair. Just make sure they fit before you march around and lose the option to return them.
For comparison purpose, Vass: 
Nope. Straight off the site: http://www.pantaclothing.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=BDSDD On sale and delivered for less than $550 with bags and lasted trees. 
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