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 Such a simple solution. 
I do fairly regularly, but it doesn't stay. 
If NMWA runs a Valstar linen safari jacket again, don't miss out.     (also Rota fawn flannels, la Portenga Fat Carter, Inis linen crew neck, Farnese calfskin tubo...)
This looks great.
Mine is an XL. It is a great slim fit. Nice long sleeves, which makes me happy. The Lambeth is nice, but it isn't getting worn because of the Niche. I was actually thinking about putting it up for sale, but then decided that over time it will find its way into the rotation.
Now that it is spring, I wear this almost every day.
I appreciate the input. I will change the order to an 11.5D.
Having not tried on a Plaza shoe, I also fretted over sizing. I have an 11D Indy (Trubalance), an 11D CXL PTB (Barrie), and an 11.5D unlined Chukka (Leydon). The Indy is more roomy than I'd like. The PTB needs thick socks to fit well. The Chukka may be slightly roomy, but it's hard to tell since it's an unlined floppy, stretchy, boot. I went with 11D on the Plaza boot since I won't want to wear it with thick socks. We'll see how it goes...
Going back in!Edit: success. The phone browser works. The laptop says it's been sold out when I go to check out.
I'm pretty sure the phone (browser accessing this forum) already makes the decisions.
New Posts  All Forums: