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So I came home and forced myself into it tonight. It is comfortable. Well made. Warm. I just need to figure out how to style it in a way that works for me.
I got both in a Walt fit. Both are great.
 Those were great. I have never actually worn my cotton bomber. I have put it on several times and it just seems to fall flat for me. The shawl neck version Tricky showed us would have solved the problems I had with the neckline fit of the bomber. Out of hundreds of pieces from Epaulet, that bomber is the only piece that hasn't made it into regular rotation. That's an impressive hit to miss ratio.
Excuse the cross-posting, but here are fits from yesterday and today. The common theme is the NMWA outerwear. It's tough to get a look too wrong when you start with such great pieces on top. Thanks to NMWA for indulging my mid-thigh length hooded outerwear addiction.      
Chicago winter morning, headed to work.     Norwegian Rain Despos Yellow Hook Farnese Rota Crockett & Jones for Brooks Brothers
 Not surprisingly, I had a tough time getting the colors right on my iPhone, but I was wearing this shirt last week for the first time. It's a great color. I also appreciate the updated fit. I'll say more this week when I have time to write.   
Norwegian Rain
It's the backside of the hooks or eyelets that will scrape up the tongue. I have a pair of cordovan C&J boots whose tongues are annilhated.
Since I have benefited so much from the photos others have shared, I'm trying to get better at sharing my own: EP long sleeve vintage black union jersey tee EP olive cramerton rivets EP mocha couro cromo tennis trainers (Stephan Schneider conservation) The shirts are long gone, but I can't recommend the cramerton pants any more strongly than I do. I have pants from EP in about 20 different fabrics and I can't call any of them my favorite, but I can say this is the best...
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