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 I'm a fan of the Schneider, but put some socks on, it's chilly out!
Not the best selfie taker. I started walking towards the phone as it took the picture. Ha!
 Looks fantastic buttoned up.
My two boys and I stomping down Wells on our way to brunch (in another Epaulet flannel: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/gitman-bros/products/epaulet-by-gitman-bros-shirt-midnight-windowpane-flannel).
My first order was 5 shirts (two flannel, one oxford, one cutaway collar, one overdye EPLA) and the EPLA had to go back for being a size small. So I then ordered two overdyed shirts in the right size. Now tonight I have a CXL belt, the rivet chinos, and a pair of oxfords (one NY and one LA) in the cart.I think this is a good first start.
I feel like I'm playing catch up here. I have a cart full of shirts ready to go. I need an education on the pants.Seems like the Gunmetal Rivet Chino is a good place for me to start. Any suggestions?
This is my first experience with Epaulet shirts. I'm a fan already. Now I need to learn the various pant cuts.
Scroll up to post #12593.
 March 16, 2014: It was the infamous leaked employee discount code.
I have two pair. I couldn't pass up the sub-$300 sale earlier this year. I wear one pair twice a week or so. Eventually I'll lace up the second pair... I think.
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