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Recently picked up one of each of these Calabrese cashmere ties:   I don't think there are better ties for my daily blue, grey, brown theme (shown here with fawn flannel Rota).    
I said "my computer," not "their computer."
 How many more times do you think I can refresh the new arrivals page before my computer tells me to fuck off?
I like the Gray sweater under the Monitaly jacket. I also liked the Schneider coat more than I expected.
First long sleeve henleys landed today, pistachio and cement. Immediate winners. Also grabbed a couple of button downs, including my first seersucker. I wear my university stripe OCBDs into the ground and the seersucker BD should be a perfect summer substitute. It won't be long before every one of my staple casual items has an Epaulet tag in it.
 To this point, it has helped me to have a mix of RTW, MTM, and bespoke clothing from various sources to compare against the suits and shirts you have made for me. "Knowing my fitting issues" is one thing from an academic perspective, but it is really only concrete and meaningful in a comparative context.  My experience with you has shown me this. That has not been the case with the other bespoke makers with whom I've worked (for example, the one suit you saw that my...
I'm not having any problems with it at the moment. I did have a problem this morning with the checkout function, but it resolved itself shortly.
I encourage anyone on the fence to get these. One of my favorites for fall/winter/spring, for sure.
@MacktasticGDogg Are those the tan medium wales? The color looks a lot less gold than on the site.
Based on the measurements and everyone's pictures, I will go up one size. Otherwise I risk looking like an overstuffed sausage.
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