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I love this.
Nice guesses. I'm particularly impressed with the UVA guess. Those are pencil sketches of the law school. And that's Dylan: Blonde on Blonde.
@Epaulet, the mist green moleskin Walts I have get a ton of wear. I know you say that the darker green is the best selling moleskin, so this is my public argument in favor of more people buying a lighter green:      
Here's my dressing it "down" today:
 Here's a pair of mist green moleskin pants today:   
 ^^^ This.
It's a 52L. At least that's what I ordered...
The Formosa is shorter, but maybe not as much as it looks. I'm not standing in exactly the same spot, but the camera is in the same spot, so the angles are different. Look at the art over my right shoulder to see how the perspective shifts.I'll follow up after tailoring the suit with more photos.
Definitely. Seeing as these pants and coat were made by the same tailor, the balance between the two is intentional. I hadn't ever explicitly thought of the relationship between the bottom button and the waistband of the pants, but it'll probably be in my head now.
 It's no mystery to any of us that have interacted with you over the years.
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