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 To follow up on this because it is a post that helped me with my sizing, I generally wear 11 or 11.5D (11.5D on Brannock) and took a 43 in the Tanino low (suede). They fit ok, but definitely on the tight side. I will go with 44 in the future.
 I haven't seen anyone where the seams don't extend further down the shoulder. That's just the fit. As long as the am length is right, I just attribute it to being the style. Here's an example of how mine fit. Good body length, good arm length, good in the chest, shoulder seams down the arm a bit.   I have two in Lisheen (v-neck and crossover) and one in Dark Natural (v-neck). I love the linen knit. Looking forward to the fall so I can get in on the wool too.
Can't wait to see what you have in store.
The SS Roman sweater is quickly being assimilated into weekend wear and casual office wear. It's a relaxed look, but the body is well fitting and the arms are on the slim side. I think it really does a good job of being casual without being sloppy. The detail of the texture and seams are impossible to capture in cell phone shots (as I think FC will attest), but hopefully this gives some idea of how it works.
I bought the sky blue twice. Two totally different fabrics, but mine were the same color. One was treated to be wrinkle free. Complete nonsense I say.
I have a large Inis Meanin crossover (in Lisheen) and it fits me well and is sized exactly like the large MTO v-necks. But the 16 Inglese is too small for me. So I would expect the large to be a relaxed fit on you.
 Yes! That doesn't mean you shouldn't do your best to buy a quality staple product, but don't overthink this first step.
I have a fondness for Criquet. http://www.criquetshirts.com
Nothing special. I did an initial cold soak to set the dye. Have worn them several dozen times and wash them in the machine (on gentle) about as often as I would any other pair of jeans. They get worn to coach my son's baseball games as often as the get worn to the office, so keeping them clean is fairly important. I've done that with a few pairs of these and they all get the slow fade that way. I derived up my technique from NOBD several years back.
How sizes fit are always interesting to me. I'm a 52 in the Rotas and the waist generally need to be nipped a bit. I'm generally around a 34 in jeans. These are APC NS size 35 after about 2 years (I do an initial soak and then wash decently regularly to keep the fades a lower contrast). I guess the washing keeps them from stretching out of control.Bonus shot of NMWA Schneider, Farnese, and Buttero.
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