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I had my first occasion to make use of my growing collection of tic® today. As a patent attorney, I'm a big fan of simple solutions to annoying problems. Thanks for introducing me to these NMWA!
 Cart ready waiting for Rota drop. 
 I was thrown by the 40, 41, 42 sizes. Sounds like these measure about the same as the FW shirts. Which means it's the perfect sleeve length. If only I could remember what about the 16/41shirt wasn't right the first time around... it might not matter for this shirt the way it would for a more formal shirt. Thanks.
Shirt measurements laid flat.
Sizing requests G Inglese linen shirt (not popover) Me = 16.25 neck, 19 shoulders, 22 chest (care least about neck, as it will be worn open collar) G inglese = ? G Inglese linen/cotton shirt Me = see above G Inglese = ? I also understand that the shoulders on the G Inglese shirts might measure narrow if the shoulder seam has the same placement as the FW shirts.
If you size down ½ from the AE 5 last, you should get the right heel to ball length and a little extra width in the heel.
 Smart move. The thought crossed my mind and then I didn't pull the trigger. I wish I had.
That's my size. If my order here gets cancelled (as I expect it will), I'll take then off your hands for you.
If one pair is good, two pairs are better. 
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