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Loaded up my cart, checked out, updated my wish list, noticed that something I thought was long since sold out was not, loaded up the cart, checked out...        Thanks for the sizing help, Greg. I'm looking forward to trying a few more "new to me" brands (Big John and Vass).
Looks great.Looking at the RARE model, if a particular sizes measurements are dead on where you would like them to be after shrinking, would you go up just one size?
+1I have man love for Frank.
 I like hearing this.
SF10JUL not working yet on full price items?
Horween is about two blocks from my house. If you need me to make a raid, just let me know.
I would buy that shoe immediately without question. Give me an option to put in a deposit and you can have my money today.
 In for a pair.
Speaking of Rota, here's today's Rota, Inis, Farnese (hidden):  
 You never posted measurements for the short sleeve linen madras shirt! What does the 16.5/42 look like?
New Posts  All Forums: