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 I have a pair of shirts with that fabric as well. Really nice shirt. On an unrelated note, after numerous iterations, if I order any more shirts from Luxire, I'm going to send in a shirt to copy, When I request a change to my pattern, there are always unintended consequences. Luxire has been unable to hold other variables constant, so each change results in other required changes. It has gotten old. The branded fabrics are nice, the quality of construction is great, but...
Anything reasonable. I'll follow up by PM.
I expected the measurements for the linen v-neck to mimic those posted for the crew neck. MTO fail, but lesson learned. It's such a nice sweater, I just look like a child wearing his dad's clothes. Is anyone looking for an XL v-neck in dark natural? If not, does anyone have access to a steady supply of HGH?
My delivery address is "under the North Ave. bridge."
I'll be wearing all of the pants.
I have two pairs of the Marlow short wings and a pair of the Pembrokes and they are the same shoe, only the Pembroke breaks in nearly instantaneously with the calf upper and Dainite sole. I'm a huge fan of both shoes and would wholeheartedly recommend the Pembrokes if you can get them in your size.
Every attempt I made to accomplish this in an unfused collar failed. Your best bet is to go with a lightly lined and fused collar.
 This is good to hear. I ordered a pair of these a few weeks ago (as well as three others).
 I have two shirts that were ordered as the same "sky blue oxford" material and the first came as a typical oxford cloth and the second came as an iron free version. My experiences tell me that even when placing identical orders, the fabric can vary significantly.
 Is this collar unlined and unfused?
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