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I like that even better.
 I don't know what you mean.  Light Grey Wool Trousers (x2) Medium Grey Wool Flannel Trousers (x2) Fawn Wool Flannel Trousers Navy Herringbone Wool Flannel Trousers Brown Wool Twill Trousers Beige Wool Twill Trousers Tan Heavy Cotton Twill Trousers Sand Heavy Cotton Twill Trousers Dark Brown Fine-Wale Cotton Corduroy Trousers
I understand the attraction of the other makeups, all of them, but the navy is perfection.
I saw the trap and stepped into it. Mainly because I wanted your sizing advice (see my last post).
@FrankCowperwood I wrote that in response to your post! What size is your Clover? How is it sized relative to the Roman sweater (e.g., same size in both?)?
That's the best I've seen it look.
I read this as 29.5' 8", making you roughly three stories tall and 152 lbs. That moment of confusion was awesome. Also, I don't expect you will receive any substantive responses. It's a bit like asking "I want to have dinner tonight and I'm not planning on steak and lobster, tell me what to eat." Or "I'm in the mood for music, but I don't want to listen to the Beatles White Album, tell me what to listen to."
I took a pic but it didn't look right rolling the hem and in the light I had. I'll get something up after they come back from the tailor. We got the same pair (dark brown fine wale) and I'm sure you'll dig them. No doubt.Related question, cuffs on the cords? I think so, but would like to hear what others think.
Rota cords arrived today. I think that closes out my purchases until S/S. F/W brought some really great items. Valstar field coat, S&C cashmere, and Esemplare sweater were my top three picks.
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