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You would like the length of the body on these.
They are nice.   I have two pair of Marlow wingtips, three pair of Peal & Co. cap toes (two brown, one black), one Pembroke in tan scotch grain, and these boots. They are all fantastic. I've never been disappointed by a C&J purchase.
You won't be disappointed. I give those Vass wingtips a ton of wear.
My attempt to highlight the soft, warm, luxurious, S&C cashmere crew neck. When it arrived, I was wearing a cashmere crew neck from Ralph Lauren that retailed at a nearly identical price point. They aren't even on the same planet quality wise. The S&C is just incredible. And I love this collar. It's perfect.  
 Peal & Co. burgundy cordovan cap toe boots
The shoes should definitely be able to take it and it looks like they didn't handle it well. But outside of Alden, that isn't a good plan for shining shell.
Don't do that. You can do that to Alden shell because of the heavy coating they use on top of Horween's finish.If those pictures are representative of how the shoes look, you have every right to be disappointed.
It's just a problem you get when a shoe is only offered in one size. I size down a half size from my typical and it is slightly wide from toe to heel.
I'm always happy to host breakfast or lunch at the Metropolitan Club.
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