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 You have the luck of mafoofan (which my computer corrects to "muffin" - probably what I should call him). In 15 years of  having 8 or 9 different cleaners ironing 5-10 shirts per week, I've had one broken button and no other damage to my shirts.
 I did not iron my shirts for 12 years, then I did for 2, now I don't anymore. I am glad that I did for a short period of time, but now that I am confident with an iron, I don't need any more practice. I'll save it for emergencies.
Hem the sleeves and it'll be fine!
One can dream.
It's a stupid comment because it isn't a matter of the length of the short sleeve (or jacket sleeve), it is a matter of the lack of attention to a single detail when taking the photo. The shirtsleeve simply got hung up for whatever reason at the time of the photo.
They are so good. Next I want something in a chocolate suede.
I take the same size suede Frakno at Alden Barrie last (11D). I take a half size larger for the AE 5 last (11.5D). Frakno: UK10/US11Barrie: US11AE: US11.5
I wash and dry them on low heat like I would any other cotton pant. They are great fall/winter pants.
 I wear my S&C 6-ply when it is cold and I am going to be hugging people that day. It is the gentlemanly thing to do.
My fawn flannel get worn a lot (about once a week). So do the beige. Both are awesome. But I wear mid-gray at least twice as often - and have twice as many pairs. They are staples.
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