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 Mike, I know you aren't offering these in Long sizes, but is there enough length in the sleeves to let out to cover what would typically be a "long" size? I don't mind the body length being a little short if I am wearing the coat alone, but I would like to make sure the sleeve length works. For reference, I'm typically about a 43L and your XL shirts are the best fitting shirt around for me, hitting my shoulder, chest, and sleeve lengths dead on the mark.
Suburban Chicago is a wasteland.
 I remembered seeing someone else's name on my Epaulet RTW Individualized shirts. I had to wait until tonight to get them back from the cleaners to see whose name. My shirts were made for Christopher Wallace. Ha! 
My dad and I don't share a lot of overlapping taste in clothing, but if you look hard enough you can always find common ground. There are a lot of compelling entries above mine, but this is definitely the ultimate pick for my dad.
They are too perfect for me to be discontinued, I won't allow it. So I am convinced that we can talk @@Epaulet into doing an MTO on the pattern at some point in the future.
 Gray is hard only when all you wear are gray pants. Like you, I wear a salt and pepper SC with light, medium, and dark browns and blues, various shades of olive, sage, and army greens, various reds and burgundies, etc.
 I will do that!
Relatedly, I'm bumming around I one of my Despos coats (black and white herringbone), sage green cotton Rota pants, and Alden Indys under a navy single breasted Norwegian Rain coat. I look as good as Mr. Six.
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