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I have various notes from Greg, Kyle, and Edouard. I recently added one from Jessica to my collection. I'm pretty sure Kyle ran out of things to say to me. :)
That's exactly my experience.
 One of the things I like best about NMWA is I don't worry about missing an extraordinary piece now and then, because it wasn't an accident the pice got stocked in the first place. More awesomeness is awaiting. Which is why this: Isn't as bad of news as I would otherwise think. RIP Esemplare.
It's me, isn't it? You can say it, Greg, I'm a big boy. 
Thanks Kyle. Your measurements have made this season much easier for me as a customer. Measurements for OS make me happy.
I don't seal my sweaters. They stack folded in my closet. Some are 20 years old without any issues.
 I've got the solids on lock.
 And by the time the page loaded, the coat I was ready to buy was gone. lol
Inis, Farnese, Rota, Dore, Heschung. Putting the casual back into business casual.  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: