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   Let me add some context. I had used in-person MTM a significant number of times over about a decade from several (5?) different professional operations. I'm 6'2", 185 lbs. and a pretty standard 42L with about a 6-7" drop. I don't have an outlandish body shape. With RTW, I know exactly what I am getting and and, if it doesn't work, I return it. With MTM there was always a promise/hope that the next piece was going to fit perfectly. It just never did. So I was paying more...
I generally believe MTM to be the worst of all.   I admit that there have been times I've imagined SVB going to Chris Despos and showing us how to properly fit his frame.
If the only choices are trouser 1 or trouser 2, I'd throw some jeans on and end the discussion. If there is a middle ground to be had, taper trouser two below the knee.
40L - nope15.75 - nope11.5 - quiet, you!
What I meant is that I look at that front view and I think, "a little too corset for me."
+1Foo has an overcoat like that.
I can access on my mobile with wireless turned off. I am not able to access with any consistency on mobile or desktop from my home or office on any of Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. I gain access maybe 1 out of 20 attempts. NMWA is the only site with which I'm having a problem.I had this problem about a year ago on a forum I frequent. I couldn't access if I was on my Ethernet connection, but I could if I went through my wireless network (different network). I suspect my...
Is anyone else having difficulty accessing the site? I've had very sporadic access the past several days.
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