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45.5 in the U. But I prefer the F last. That's my jam.
 Yeah, but the tip of the finger of my glove looks glossy too. That's just the elevator lighting. I still think there are better boots for this look.
I wouldn't know. NMWA doesn't carry a large enough size for me. 
Mid brown suede Vass is the winner. The F last is pretty sweet too.
I can see that. The boots are an old pair of dark brown leather chukkas that have been beat to death and then sno-sealed to a near black matte. I had to shovel a car out of frozen snow this morning, so these got the nod as my beaters. But I definitely have better boots for the fit.
Interior of the elevator selfie (reflection off the inside surface of the door):
 I wear these almost daily in the summer: http://oakstreetbootmakers.com/footwear/brown-boat-shoe I think it is an improvement on your current boat shoes as well as an alternative to them (though not a particularly divergent alternative).
I really like the new details. The parka really benefited from another design cycle.
About the same without the military background. Just obsessive attention to detail and no pressing need to efficiency. (pun intended)
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