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I found Epaulet when making my first Alden boot purchase in 2012. I have since bought one more pair of Alden's through Epaulet. I have about 50 or so other Epaulet orders. So by that measure, that first pair of snuff suede chukkas led to $10k+ in non-Alden orders at Epaulet. So I can see the thought process behind wanting to keep that entry point open. But honestly, in 2017, there is no way that I would find Epaulet because of Alden. That just not how you're positioned...
45 in the P2 or F last. Suede in particular.
They're not dry. That's the Chromexcel Alden uses.
That is entirely normal for Chromexcel. That's exactly what my 403s have looked like since the first wear.
My footwear strength/weakness. I can't get enough.
Are the shoes Vass?
Skipped the NR today and went with the wool/down hooded Valstar parka. Warm AF.
No joke. I placed an MTO on Nov. 14th (along with 3 more from the EFF) and received the shipping notice yesterday.
That's awful.
 That is my most worn Epaulet pant by far. It's so good.
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