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 Until the NMWA crew confirms perpetual restocks, you should not let the word spread. 
Frank, the boots/shoes look perfect.
Patrick R's Winter Sleeping Beauties 1. Oliver Spencer: Green Lambeth coated canvas bomber This is the number one sleeper in my list. Why? I didn't even notice it before. It's a weather-proofed cotton bomber that will get better with each wear. Looks great. How did I miss this?   2. Big John: Blue selvedge herringbone shirt I haven't seen anyone talk about Big John shirts. They should. This one gets all the details right.   3. Oliver Spencer: Rockland...
I am a 1.75" cuffs guy.
I'll post pictures next week.
How tall are you? At 6'2",I was concerned about body length. It looks great on you.
Everything about it is great. A real standout from a company that consistently makes me happy.The field coat from last fall was an incredible piece. This is as well. No hyperbole, they are both phenomenal. In both cases, I think you only had one jacket in each of four sizes. Are you afraid you couldn't move a larger number? Or is Valstar's production that limited?
Valstar safari jacket is even better than expected. And without the measurements, I would have ordered the wrong size. Thank you for posting them!
 That is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear.
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