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 Thanks guys. That's the input I wanted.
 Thanks, I must not have been paying enough attention! I'm probably a VII either way. I'm also probably in a meeting with a client tomorrow at 2pm. 
 That makes me a VII. What am I doing at 2pm EST tomorrow?
 Omega should MSRP between 13-15k. 
I'm looking for a dress watch. My preferences are heavily skewed towards simple. The new Omega Trésor looks fantastic to me.     I am also a fan of smaller watches. My daily wear is a 34mm Rolex Air-King, but I suspect the diameter won't bother me because of the (relative) thinness. I will try on the watch before buying to make sure it's the appropriate size.   Question: What else do you like in this category, buying new, in the general price range (15k and below)?
I'll catch them on Final Sale.
 Looks like the fit of my boat shoes. I've had them a couple of years and they are as comfortable as can be.
I heard we were posting Buttero pics. It's my first day back from vacation and in a meeting with a group of lawyers that run their own firms. We're a stuffy group, lots of suits and sport coats here. I'm not playing that game today.
double post
1) Several? I would have resolved the problem the first time.2) You resolve the problem by having the person that made the comment buy you something she would like you to wear.3) Since it sounds like you are not in a relationship at the moment, just but something standard to have as a baseline. Black cotton boxer briefs are a good place to start.4) I, and millions of other men, have had zero issues with the ladies and our standard underwear. That more than one woman has...
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