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I've never tried the penny. That's not my style.
My first Marlow purchase was TTS and it was far too wide for me. Exchanged a half size down and it's been a favorite since then.
Yes.11.5D Brannock.11.5D AE 5-last (Park Ave., McAllister).11.5D AE 1-last (Malvern).11.5D Leydon (unlined chukka).11.5C C&J 240 last (three BB C&J shoes).11D Barrie (CXL Dover).11D C&J 325 last (2 Marlow wingtips, one Pembroke).11D Herschung Malko.11D Oak Street Bootmakers boat shoe (sized down to wear sockless).Etc.
I now have two pairs of the wingtips. They fit slightly differently. Nothing unexpected. Natural variation as is expected with any product made from naturally occurring products.
My 65% Marlows showed up today. Nearly identical finish to my 2012 versions, maybe slightly darker. Fit slightly snugger than the old ones (this is good). Two pairs of shoe laces, but only one shoe bag. Ha!   Score.
 Have you tried them on or are you going by measurements? Going by the measurements, I hate these pants, especially the rise. Trying them on, I love them (including the rise).
You are not making it easy for me to get my Rota MTO on! I may just stick with the light gray you carry in stock.
Mine was pending exactly like that until yesterday I got the shipping confirmation and tracking number.
I had my first occasion to make use of my growing collection of tic® today. As a patent attorney, I'm a big fan of simple solutions to annoying problems. Thanks for introducing me to these NMWA!
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