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I wear 35 in both. I have noticeably more room in the top block with the Wilshires.
Chris, I sympathize with this client of yours. One can be an addict without acting on the impulse. Put me in that category. On a related note, where are you with the shirt making side of operations?
How does the Gray Larry Ferri sweater fit? Any sizing advice?
The only way that came back was for being the wrong size. Bonus for the eventual owner: I've worn that coat, and it carries my aura of awesomeness.
The fawn are better. True story.
I'm wearing them today as well.
Funny, but true. I was about 5 mins late to that early meeting.
I'll play around with it and see what I can do. I just grabbed it from the center, folded it over a bit, and shoved it in.
First time wearing a square that isn't white linen in a square fold. I don't hate it.
New Posts  All Forums: