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Now I'm only a few days away from learning whether I guessed right on my Plaza size.
There are 17 pair of Rota hanging in my closet and 3 more on order. That should give you my answer.
It is up there with:Valstar linen safari jacket Valstar twill wool field coat Norwegian Rain single breasted coat Niche army green utility shirt jacket La Portenga Fat Carter briefcase Esemplare electric blue Humphrey reverse seam crewneck sweater
I received the SS shirt jacket today and it is incredibly nice. It immediately ranks as one of my favorite NMWA pieces.
I was one who said I would try them, but my size was sold out before I got to them. At least I don't feel bad about not following through and it gave me an opportunity to try out other pieces.
Wool: 1.75" cuffCotton: plain hem
 Just to be clear, I'm saying you should increase the measurements in the body to make the fit look more relaxed. A linen shirt should not look like it is just a half step this side of a corset. :)
Collar, shoulders, and top of the chest look good. I would relax the fit in the body. It's a linen shirt, for goodness sakes!
That is a really subtle glen plaid and I love it.
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