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To look good/appropriate.
Mine is a sharkskin a shade lower than charcoal. I don't know anything about the fabric itself. I wear it with a black grenadine to funerals.
What size do you take with this coat?
 Yes. But when one measurement is out of line an the others aren't, it's typically a result of the construction, not the overall sizing.
Probably same color as mine: 
 The swatch did not do this fabric justice. I immediately ordered once you posted this picture.
Sure. I went in last week to try on the coat before the buttonholes were cut. Chris asked if I thought the center button should come up a bit from where it was. I said that he knew better than I. He decided to move it up about a quarter inch. I asked if it was to align the button with the waist or something like that. He said no, he just looks and goes with what feels right. So this is what he saw as looking best for this coat.
 I agree with this advice as matching general conventions (particularly on this forum), but personally I prefer this scale pattern for what I wear. A larger scale would just sit unworn in my closet.
 You would need to ask Chris. I only know the jacket is W Bill and the pants are Scabal. He will have the details though.
The tweed is more appropriate for my climate than yours. :) Put one navy nailhead/birdseye suit and one rust barley corn jacket on the schedule!
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