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 I like nearly everything you post. This is amazingly perfect.
45 in F and P210 in Frakno
    I have two pair of suede Vass and one pair of reverse calf Buday. I prefer the Buday, but they are all really well made shoes that I am happy to wear at every opportunity. My Vass are on the P2 and F lasts and the Buday are on the Frakno last. I would say the Frakno is most like the F, but in my mind, the Frakno is in between the F and the P2.
I will buy any one of the first three (#2 being my personal favorite):     And this one is the perfect red/blue in my book:  
Brush them for a moment at the end of the day.
 I could do the 2nd, 16th, or 30th.
 This is unquestionably one of my favorite posts of all time.
My office is just a few floors below.
My 34" waist match shorts have an 11" leg opening.
I wear the dark brown all the time.  I assumed the light brown were too light for me to get much use from them, but now that I look again...
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