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 Buy the tie.
 Put one on. Take a photo. Post the photo here. Tag me. I will tell you whether you look good or bad. I will not lie.
 I think hate is a strong word, but I had a strong preference for a wider tie. I decided to give it a try. I no longer have a problem with 8cm ties.
 You could turn this into a daily uniform and I would thumbs up it every day.
Newcomer, keep the medium.
 What size are you? I will be returning a 52 or 54 (likely a 52) as soon as I get a chance to try them both on (next Wednesday).
[[SPOILER]] Holy fuck, ignore my emails about the Mac.
Rota 52 fight! This further supports my instakop attack.
 I'm a small business owner (four employees) and a co-founder in two startups (as well as a law school professor). Every dollar I put into another small business makes me happy.
New Posts  All Forums: