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 You're the one that bought them, you tell us.
Get the 48 and take in the waist.
I like that within an hour after they hit the site is flirting with "before it's too late."
In. (With a navy herringbone and another medium grey).
It's a mistake to miss his Chicago workshop.
^^^ This post is insane.
 I don't disagree (some, but not all, of it is the angle of the shot). Also, when the sleeves are tailored, it will have a different visual balance. But it won't really be worn in the classic context. It is much more likely to be outwear worn unbuttoned over a sweater or similar.edit: I just checked it and it provides full coverage of my fine ass. It's definitely a keeper.
 It is a long. But it is a Cantarelli, so "long" is regular.
 I'm not your size. You're safe. I like the length of the pants. If you had that much break on the back side it would be too long. If the back of the leg is clean, then this break looks good to me.  I'm 6'2" and go with 1.5".
New Posts  All Forums: