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They're not dry. That's the Chromexcel Alden uses.
That is entirely normal for Chromexcel. That's exactly what my 403s have looked like since the first wear.
My footwear strength/weakness. I can't get enough.
Are the shoes Vass?
Skipped the NR today and went with the wool/down hooded Valstar parka. Warm AF.
No joke. I placed an MTO on Nov. 14th (along with 3 more from the EFF) and received the shipping notice yesterday.
That's awful.
 That is my most worn Epaulet pant by far. It's so good.
I have a handful of SS sweaters. Maybe 4. At least one of them has a number of snags/tears. It is one of the sweaters with a nylon overstitch and it is the overstitch that snags and breaks. Despite reasonably heavy wear, these snags don't grow and the sweater doesn't unravel. I wouldn't be terribly concerned, but keep an eye on it until your mind eases.
I follow all of that. But remember the comment I'm referring to is Foo's assertion related to the client's inability to say something intelligent about the tailor's work without a high number of commissions from the tailor and you are now referring to your change in preferences or your better understanding of your preferences over time.
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