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The ghost suede looks great with the denim, in color and proportion.
 It is too short for my tastes. So much so that I don't believe any of the other issues are worth adjusting. For example, while lengthening the roll of the lapels may help the overall shape be more flattering for your body, the overwhelming visible attribute I would recognize is the length. I think you have to get to at least the fork in your trousers.
 Yes. Don't worry for a moment about that.
WTF?! Those are sick.
It's a speckled chambray from Epaulet. A really fantastic, thicker, fall and winter weight shirt. Here is a quick shot of it (I changed into jeans). You can see the reds and whites and yellows and other blues.
Northern lights today: thumbs up or thumbs down?
Maybe NWMA can make a video tutorial.
If you wrap your belt the "opposite" direction, it would be a pain. But you would have to be pretty dense to not permanently solve that problem immediately.
New Posts  All Forums: