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Nothing special. I did an initial cold soak to set the dye. Have worn them several dozen times and wash them in the machine (on gentle) about as often as I would any other pair of jeans. They get worn to coach my son's baseball games as often as the get worn to the office, so keeping them clean is fairly important. I've done that with a few pairs of these and they all get the slow fade that way. I derived up my technique from NOBD several years back.
How sizes fit are always interesting to me. I'm a 52 in the Rotas and the waist generally need to be nipped a bit. I'm generally around a 34 in jeans. These are APC NS size 35 after about 2 years (I do an initial soak and then wash decently regularly to keep the fades a lower contrast). I guess the washing keeps them from stretching out of control.Bonus shot of NMWA Schneider, Farnese, and Buttero.
 Because it isn't.
This makes me appreciate my tailor that much more.
I was in the law school. I'm sure we played together, I was there almost everyday. You may remember me as the guy that sounded like I was having an asthma attack the whole time (I have a narrow windpipe).I didn't grow up playing bball, so I was really just learning the game in 1997.
I overlapped with you, but was just playing at the North Grounds gym in 1997-1998 (with Tiffany? the point on the women's team) and a bunch of law and business students. I didn't start practicing with the squad until the end of 99 and 00.
When did you play?I played a lot of pickup games with the team in the off-season when I was at UVA. The coaches would call me out because I was good enough to make it a good run and old enough to keep emotions in check.
I'm a baller. In.
 I have that sweater in Lisheen. Let me know when to wear it and when to be at Superdawg. 
Congrats to the winners. I enjoyed this contest immensely - every entry was an enjoyable read.
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