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 I want to do this now just to make the NMWA team laugh when they get my orders.
Gray Wilshire denim and Gitman Bros. flannel
Your cuoio have darkened to look like my burgundy. Not identical, but really close.
Isn't that your size, U?
A smart order would include a few pairs of Butteros. I'm partial to the burgundy.
No. Work with Chris Despos and he won't let you walk off with a disappointing first commission.
 I don't think it could look any better than that.
Then you've gained something worthwhile.
 I wear 43s. I'm an 11.5 Brannock with a slightly narrow foot. They were tight for the first many wears, but broken in, they are a good fit.
I'd been waiting for the right time to pull the trigger on a pair of Indy's. Thanks Need Supply!
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