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It is not opaque, but I was pleasantly surprised by how little read through the shirt. Stop drooling, start buying.
 Thank you!
 Imperceptibly different than "light" interlining.
I tried pulling the trigger a few times today and pulled back each time. I already have every winter coat I will routinely wear. But it is hard to resist buying EVERY GOD DAMN THING AT NMWA.   Four more items to be delivered tomorrow...
I think all three would look great. I have so many grays and blues... leaning green.
I have said that. The only thing stopping me is my stabby wife. Until my stab-proof Valstar MTO is complete, no new coats.
 Did someone say 2 pairs? 
I've never tried the penny. That's not my style.
My first Marlow purchase was TTS and it was far too wide for me. Exchanged a half size down and it's been a favorite since then.
Yes.11.5D Brannock.11.5D AE 5-last (Park Ave., McAllister).11.5D AE 1-last (Malvern).11.5D Leydon (unlined chukka).11.5C C&J 240 last (three BB C&J shoes).11D Barrie (CXL Dover).11D C&J 325 last (2 Marlow wingtips, one Pembroke).11D Herschung Malko.11D Oak Street Bootmakers boat shoe (sized down to wear sockless).Etc.
New Posts  All Forums: