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 The picture looks a little like him.
Forgive the commercial nature of the videos, but the videos on my website show jackets by Chris. The Gramovox video is a grey herringbone tweed (https://www.richardspatentlaw.com/client-reviews/behind-the-idea-gramovox/). The Everpurse video is a navy hopsack (https://www.richardspatentlaw.com/client-reviews/behind-the-idea-everpurse/). If you poke around on the site, you will see the brown barleycorn and navy hopsack in still photos as well.
My notes say September.
 Looks like we better get to work on it. The interwebs want photos!
 Well that was an easy sale! ;)
Going back a ways to answer this, but here is mine:http://www.styleforum.net/t/447277/newcs-bespoke-adventure/100_100#post_8096311
I should pick that up. Thanks!
 Phenomenal book.
None. I use Lexol leather conditioner when needed (rarely). But there is no need to polish cordovan.
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