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I buy them explicitly because they are 9. Will stop buying them if they are not. I simply don't ever reach for my narrower ties.**except in casual situations, when I like the narrower untipped cashmere Calabreses.
The fuzzy plaid is pretty irresistible.
My PF is perfect in the shoulders and arm length, a little big in the chest/body, and ENORMOUS around the neck. For my tastes, the shirt would benefit significantly from a more structured button down collar.
I don't, but I share your concerns. My nylon brush is stiff enough to pull up the nap.
I have the same boots and get quite a bit of wear out of them, particularly in inclement weather. I use a nylon bristle brush with all of my suede shoes and that has served me well for years. That said, I've never tried a brass brush and it may be equal or better.
I once attended a wedding as the best man dressed as a sanitation worker: I wish I had known. 
That makes sense. Mine is towards the other end of the spectrum.
Mine is heavier. I wish I could tell you more about the fabric, but here's how I do it. I stop by Chris Despos's shop, tell him I want a hopsack sport coat, he shows me what fabric he would use, I approve, and he makes the coat. Then, when I pick it up, he tells me he should also make the trousers because I will like it and use it as a suit, I approve, and he makes it. So now I have a navy blue hopsack suit that, not shockingly, I like and use quite a bit. But at no point...
I have a hopsack suit I've been wearing regularly for more than a year. The trousers have zero issues holding a crease.
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