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Interesting, I automatically assumed the shirt was a thicker textured cloth - I assumed a thick oxford weave. I don't think the photos actually show one way or the other, but you may be entirely correct.
 I'm with you on the length being too short. I also think that they come off as too tapered. Either the thigh is too full or the calf is to narrow (and it simply may be the strength of the crease makes them look more tapered than they are), but I don't like the proportions along the length of the legs. All that said, they did not stand out to me as being off and I enjoyed the original pictures just fine despite the criticism we can both make toward the pants.
 What do you not like about the pants?
[[SPOILER]]  I would like to be able to "thumbs up" this one at least another 5 times. The interplay and coherence between the colors, patterns, textures, formality, etc. is really spectacular.
Don't let the tie/collar mismatch take away the attention from the Formosa pants. Every time I put them on I think to myself, "fuck, these are awesome."
 Shirt and tie are both YH. I wanted to give them a chance to play nice together. They didn't. I'll give the tie another shot with a more suitable shirt next week and give it a proper picture.
I am 100% with you both. So much so that, when I got to the office this morning, I took off the tie and opened the collar which brought the roll back to the collar. This is a shirt with no interlining in the collar and cuffs. As a result, you'll see the issue you pointed out as well as the folding of the sleeve cuff. 90% of the time I post photos it is because there is something I don't like about what I am wearing and I put it out there to see if it bothers other people...
Weird crop  
I love everything about the first photo. I hate the tie/pocket square combo in the second—the greens and yellows really stand out to me as being disruptive. Take the square out entirely and I'm back to loving it.
Thank you. I look at those photos and think "charcoal?"
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