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My grandma has some nice patterns to teach you. Get on with yo bad self.
The anti-black shoe bias here is so odd. Black shoes are a cornerstone of classic menswear. You shouldn't even be allowed to wear another color show until you've dominated the game in black.
Speaking of which, the measurements are on the large size, but I suspect that is more of a function of the design/construction. Should we size more our typical size or should we size down?
I didn't previously. I suspect it will be an item that improves dramatically over time.
Oh, god damnit. I had forgotten this was available in my size.
 Thanks for this. The swatch looks more blue and the sweater looks more grey. I would not have made the connection. This would be great for the tunic. Now I just wait for Kyle's general sizing advice for this piece to confirm I'm an L.
 Thank you.
 I use them for layering year round. I find them to be perfect "office weight" sweaters. In the winter, the heat is on and I overheat in the heavier cashmere and wool sweaters. In the summer, the AC is on high enough that it helps to have another layer available. The Inis linens are a good option in both situations.
I'm an XL too. I'm looking forward to the surprise of which two will be in my box.
I'm in.
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