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NewC coming right at me with a "who wore it better!" #round1tothesoccerdad
They are each size 45. All fit well, but I wear thinner socks in the F last and thicker for the R last. P2 is right in between.
Thanks FC.
NMWA: the ultimate soccer dad gear Norwegian Rain Esemplare Buttero
That parka would be creepy AF if all of the bunnies were still alive.
Walnut brown mid-weight cotton Teba, please.
Not the best pictures, but should be enough to see the shapes. F-P2-R  F  P2  RThe F is the narrowest fitting, as the pictures should show clearly. The P2 and the R feel very similar to me. Visually, the R looks like it has more room on the instep side of the toe box, but I don't notice a difference because I have plenty of room in the P2. The biggest difference I feel between the P2 and the R is my R is very slightly larger in the heel cup.
That's helpful to know. I have stayed away from the brand after that first purchase. Now I know better. Today's NMWA gear:Fox BrothersNorwegian RainFarnese (hidden)MerolaSartoria FormosaVass
Casual Friday
 By the way, I love the Niche shirt jacket and you wear it exceptionally well.
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