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That's exactly what to expect from cordovan chukkas.
Beautiful cordovan rolls there. That's how cordovan breaks in.
I have used Lexol with great results.
I need to be able to get suede. Put suede on the GMTO option list and I'm in. I love me some Buday suede.
You could find someone else to give it to!
In my experience, Commando is slightly softer and certainly has better traction. I would choose it in almost every instance.
  How about this?
First wear of my first Yellow Hook
   TO Tie Guy boots + Corduroy tweed Walts + Individualized OCBD + suede blouson = my fall 2016 uniform. 
Boots arrived, placed on feet, went to park with my boys to throw the football and run around, good times had by all. Not much to miss!
New Posts  All Forums: