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The FTC does.
It is too short for my tastes. But I pulled out my Valstar propaganda and see a picture of a blouson from the 70's that is worn as short as your pictures show. This gives more context as to why the original NMWA Valstar parka was short (though longer than this blouson).It may be a matter of styling rather than a matter of sizing. I agree about seeing it with jeans and a t-shirt before deciding.
That makes two of us. Can we get a restock?
 Absolutely. But you won't find love for that aesthetic here. There is nothing wrong with pursuing that target market, but this forum is not that crowd. Which again is not a criticism of your attempt to engage the forum. It merely explains the lack of responses and interactions.
 I agree.
Calf, but double leather soles that have been replaced three times to date.
 I have three pairs of black shoes that have a place in my rotation. The primary two are worn with suits, a closed lace stitch cap and a closed lace punch cap. But the third is a black captoed blucher. It works for me because it is a full brogue. Without that significant detail, I don't think the shoe would see such regular rotation. Even still, the browns and burgundys get worn 10 times as often. I don't have a great shot of them, but they look approximately like this,...
Good, we aren't the same size. You can keep buying these socks without incurring my wrath.
 Most days of the week in the fall, winter, and early spring I wear a navy cashmere jacket, grey flannels, a pale blue shirt and dark brown cordovan wingtips. My main deviation from you is that I go tieless with a button down collar (OCBD to compliment the texture of the coat and pants). I will consider swapping in a solid navy tie to "get my spectre on."
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