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An Epauletish day: umber moleskin Rivets brown chromexcel belt speckled chambray shirt  
 Agreed. Also pictured with Heschung boots from NWMA..
Might be my all-time favorite of yours.
Medium. I'll get pics of mine soon.
 I generally don't wear it with a tie. In fact, I haven't yet. I also don't wear it with gray pants. I wear with with brown pants (mid-brown flannel, dark brown flannel, chocolate cords), oatmeal flannel, beige flannel, deep blue flannel, blue jeans, etc. Nearly always with a blue OCBD, but sometimes a blue and white university stripe OCBD. I also wear it with brown shoes whether in suede, cordovan, waxed leather, etc.
   I wear the black and white herringbone sport coat made by Despos several days a week. It currently gets more use than my navy jackets.
They are C&J and are nice boots. I enjoy mine quite a bit.
This is the real world.
 And with that one line, you've summarized the entirety of his performance on the forum.
Yes!My 45 F last suede Vass fit me as well as the Barbanera size 11 suede U caps. But the arch support makes me even happier to wear then.
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