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Army Green Hopsack Bumfreezer    
 Worth the read when you have the time:
Yes. My tailor removes the back belt loop, cuts the waistband, takes it in, replaces the loop. Good to go!
My pleasure. When you say, "I'm looking to upgrade (basically starting from scratch) my outerwear in a "smart" way so I'm weighting all my options," my response is that you should keep the NR SB at the top of your list. If I had to pick one piece of NWMA outerwear for each season it would be:Spring: Valstar linen safari jacket Summer: Niche shirt jacket Fall: Valstar wool field jacket Winter: Norwegian Rain single breasted with arctic liner
Last year I wore my NR SB as my primary winter coat. Jeans? Yes. Chinos/cords? Yes. Wool pants? Yes. Suits? Typically I wore a more formal topcoat, but if the weather was particularly wet (rain or snow), I was in the NR.
I'm going to hold you to that.
I like shirt jackets. I have a small collection from Niche and Stephen Schneider. These photos convinced me to get one of these workshirts (Galliano navy stretch) for the same purpose.
Greg, you made excellent selections, as always.
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