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The V doesn't bother me at all. It sits under the hem and a shoe with a V will always be able to be laced tightly. A shoe without a V may not always. That said, the reality is, these Vass just fit me unbelievably well. 
 Here's an example of a pair of Vass doing their || thing:   Here's a pair of C&J doing their V thing:
Here's a pair of the Peal & Co. punch caps on the 240 last after a few years of wear. I'm still a big fan of these.    
Posting only because I don't think I've posted a shot in a suit that wasn't made by Chris Despos in several years. This one is a RLBL charcoal birdseye. It also is pretty personally representative of my almost daily grey, blue, brown motif.   Here's the shape:   Here are the colors:     Out on the street:
Being 6'2", I'm always leery of Japanese brands. What's the sizing like compared to reigning champ or other NMWA brands?
Newc, send the pic to Murl and he'll use it as his avatar going forward. Thanks.
You're welcome. The S&C is an XL and I'm 6'2" 185lbs.
Thanks Newc. A few more shots of the S&C. The first shows the fit and the second shows the color.
 My mistake, I meant the Scott & Charters cashmere: 
 It's a versatile casual color, that's for sure.
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