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 I hear you. My first two orders were quick. Two weeks or less from order to receipt. My current order is a single shirt with alternations to the pattern. I'm a month in without shipping. I think that is a completely reasonable time delay to alter a pattern and make a shirt, but reading the thread does nothing to stave off my anxiousness.
 I stopped short of CBD, but you could throw on a tie and get a bit closer. I think the pants hit the sweet spot for better business casual. Simple, direct, no fuss. And my belt is throwing off the waistline fit. I need a longer belt because these pants sit a bit lower on the hips. If I take the belt off, the wrinkling goes away.  
Who is going to talk me into buying this?   MACKINTOSH Grey birdseye Dalkeith handmade raincoat  
If you consider flannel pants CBD, then sure. The beige are good for business casual with a brown shoe (my choice: RL Marlow short wings), blue ocbd, and a sweater. I'll see how CBD I can make the brown wool twill tomorrow and report back.The cotton twills are clearly not CBD, they are straight casual (they are tagged Rotasport or something similar), but I assume you weren't asking about them.
Sand cotton twillMed. tan cotton twillBeige wool twillBrown wool twillMedium grey wool flannel
Um, yes.
That's the pair that came back from the tailor today as the two new ones were dropped off (while I was wearing one of my other pairs).
Heschung (and Rota) The heel needs a little breaking in, but ½ size down from Brannock was definitely the right size for me. The Rota chinos went to the tailor today. Didn't need a thing other than a 0.5" shortening of the hem. Again, the tailor couldn't stop talking about the fabric.
They currently do. They just aren't on the website at the moment.
I have a long narrow foot, so it scares me to go down a size for fear of running out of length and it scares me to not go down foe fear of swimming in excess width. Half size down from my Brannock size was perfect for the Malko.
New Posts  All Forums: