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Dark natural and Ardee v-necks are no brainers for someone with my fondness of a uniform look.
Nothing notable.
 I have ordered the version you posted there twice, a few months apart. The version that came last fall is different from the version that came this spring. I didn't pick two different versions, but their stock changes and identical orders may, at times, result in non-identical shirts. Both shirts are winners, so no complaints, but I'm happier that the newer version is the one I like more. If it went the other way, I would probably feel different about the inconsistency.
 I have two shirts made in this fabric. But they are distinctly different fabrics. The first one (which I am wearing today) is slightly thinner, slightly darker, and wrinkles as you would expect a thinner OCBD to wrinkle. The second is slightly thicker, slightly lighter in color, and acts almost as an iron-free shirt. So much so, I emailed Luxire to ask if I got a non-iron shirt by accident. It took four laundry cycles before the initial creases down the top line of the...
Get well soon, Greg.   I was moderately concerned Stitcheroo had pre-kopped all the Rota and left none for me.
In Chicago, do it right and work with Chris Despos: Best Chicago Tailor   signed, an enthusiastically happy customer
Contemplating MTO stab-proof Rota. Could make an unstoppable duo.
 You don't believe in swimming. Stitchie doesn't believe in jeans. I need something entirely ordinary to not believe in. Maybe I'll stop believing in Sundays.
 Greg, get to work on a stab proof Valstarino. Thanks.
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