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I'm in.
I have two of those (a larger size for lower rise pants) and they get worn to work almost every day to work. Definitely worth the wait.
 I love my pair of these so much.
I received and acted on my first "back in stock" notice.
 We are approximately the same size and I have room in the 46, but I don't think I would have been able to size down two on this piece. I think the 42 is 43.5" chest, 28.3" length, 18" shoulder, and 26" sleeve.
Up! I took the largest size (46). I'm 6'2" 185lbs and typically look for 19" shoulders and 44" chest unless I'm intending to do heavy layers underneath. That rarely puts me in a size 46, but I like how it works here.
 My brother!
How about I just throw an OS bomber on top? 
I wore a university stripe OCBD yesterday. :)
Fairly representative of my typical fall through spring business casual look:  
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