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It's an easy fix and will really clean up your overall presentation.
 The only part I'm not 100% sold on is the tie. As a result, I think the shot showing the shoes is better than the shot showing the tie. In fact, looking only at the shot showing the shoes, I can imagine a tie-less fit that I would like better than what you posted.
 I looked and didn't think your pants were an extreme example in either direction.
This is the best thing I've ever seen posted on StyFo and I've gone back to laugh at almost every post I could find.
I wear blue. And brown. Often together. Hmmm...
Feedback received. I'll get at least one day a week up here. And I'm always open to critique.
One wash/dry cycle in and the inseam to the chinos no longer need to be altered. As long as they don't shrink more, I'm pleased.
That's a fair comment. I rarely wear a square, and when I do, it is typically a white linen square fold. This morning I grabbed my only patterned square and momentarily considered wearing it. I put it back because I was in a professional setting today where "fitting in" was the number one concern. Out of the 8 other people in the meeting, all were in suits and none wore squares. So it was the right contextual choice even though I think my fit would look better with another...
I was prompted to participate more in this thread and I'm game, so here is another lawyerly day for me this week.   Fit:     Colors and fabrics:     I really need to do this outdoors if I'm going to use an iPhone.
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