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Seriously never paid attention since I have never had an issue. I'm laughing because that sounds stupid, but it's true.
I didn't know it was a rule. I travel frequently with a solid black kit. Never had any issue.
Burgundy Field Jacket doesn't have a size option for me.
Kind of hyperbole, kind of not. I have long arms. The Niche jacket (blue and green) are perfect fits. The Valstar safari jacket has longer arms and fits almost as well as the Niche. I like how the Valstar field jacket fits in the arms, but it fits more like a sport coat in that it hangs to the perfect length, but when driving or other activities with my arms up and active the sleeves ride up my arm pretty significantly, which is not ideal when it is actually cold out. I...
It's the only outwear I have from NMWA where the sleeves are actually the right length on me. :)
I like that one. I went with the grey Prince of Wales wool flannel with the lavender overcheck.As for the tie giveaway, throw my name in the hat, please!
 I have worn either the blue or the green every day this week.
To look good/appropriate.
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