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I have two pair, they are awesome and I would be all over a dark brown.
 I prefer handmade when the hands making it are also the hands measuring, cutting, and fitting.
All of this!
 And, yes, I agree. Narrower from the first picture to the last.
 Honest answer: no.Serious follow up: are you that confused by how clothes are made that you think a tag is the most meaningful indication of size? When you get a new item, you can put it on, look at it, feel it, and know whether it is a the right size for you. You can evaluate whether you like. If you have any questions about whether it fits or whether you like it, resolve those questions before altering the item. I'm a pain in the ass customer. I suspect I could even get...
 You're being too generous. There are bad photos, followed by bad measurements, followed by... I'll just stop there. This is really some of the funniest performance art I've seen.
I'm pretty sure he meant, $525, marked down to $420, and then an additional 40% off (for a total of $252). But I still laughed.
Incredible. I love it.
At some point in the future I expect to learn that The Noodles is a performance art project directed by Vox.
I love this.
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