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 Greg, get to work on a stab proof Valstarino. Thanks.
See, the problem is I could buy 10 coats from NMWA and love all of them. But I can't wear all of them without my wife stabbing me.
"I'm looking for a shoe I can wear to the office (mostly business casual), and on the weekends with denims & chinos and can usually be worn in all four seasons (I live in New England) and still feel comfortable at the end of the day. After extensive searching I'm leaning toward the Alden Dover in brown chrome excel with a flex welt sole." A good choice. I have that shoe and find it to be good for business casual, good for denim and chinos, I wear it year round, and it...
Because it was. If you walk through Horween and watch them tan the cordovan and see the finished shell ready to be shipped to the manufacturers, you would immediately see that many shoe makers are painting the shell to achieve their final color. I'm sure it is very difficult to get that second layer of finishing to have any level of consistency in quality and durability.
Rare full on MC day for me today. A local speaking engagement.      
That makes me wish I had saved more of my grandfather's closet when he passed. Not necessarily to wear (though his overcoats were awesome).
You can't say we didn't tell you!
Don't you put that on me, you sick son of a bitch!
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