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Always concerned about arm length. I need about 36.5" from center back or 27" from shoulder seam. The measurements for a 42 look right, but would the arms be long enough?
Thank you
Glad to be on the new server!If I want to wear the single breasted Norweign Rain over a sport coat, should I go XL or XXL? I generally take your size in outerwear or maybe a half size larger in the shoulders/chest.
Mine is a mid brown W Bill.Since then I added a gray herringbone tweed sport coat and a mid gray flannel suit. I should get pics of each into this thread. Each piece has been nicer than the previous.
That's what I've been wearing. So I vote yes!
Four. And proper grammar. The plural of bison is bison. 
This is exactly my experience.
Nice work on the Heschung!   Looking forward to checking out the Barbara.
Normal wash.
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