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So good.
 I'm considering making that my signature.
45.5 in the U. But I prefer the F last. That's my jam.
 Yeah, but the tip of the finger of my glove looks glossy too. That's just the elevator lighting. I still think there are better boots for this look.
I wouldn't know. NMWA doesn't carry a large enough size for me. 
Mid brown suede Vass is the winner. The F last is pretty sweet too.
I can see that. The boots are an old pair of dark brown leather chukkas that have been beat to death and then sno-sealed to a near black matte. I had to shovel a car out of frozen snow this morning, so these got the nod as my beaters. But I definitely have better boots for the fit.
Interior of the elevator selfie (reflection off the inside surface of the door):
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