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First time wearing a square that isn't white linen in a square fold. I don't hate it.
Yes. Navy herringbone. The iPhone camera doesn't have enough dynamic range to pick up the details. They are great pants.And I'm very happy with the fit of the sweater. The same size in the linen sweaters (v-necks and crossover) is significantly bigger. I bet I could have taken a medium in the linen, but this large is perfect.
Picture fails to do the sweater justice. Inis Meain bull wool and Rota.
Does it apply when you are the boss?
The umber moleskin rivets are incredible. How are there any left in stock?!
I have a closet full of sweaters, each of which is close, but not perfect. This undyed bulls wool sweater is perfect. That is all.
Yes, exactly.
I have one in tweed:  
Looks like a bit of a different shade too. Looks nice.
@Newcomer Pick one or both of these for the belt and be done with it:http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/accessories/products/casual-belt-brown-horween-chromexcelorhttp://epauletnewyork.com/collections/accessories/products/casual-belt-natural-horween-chromexcel
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