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They definitely wear lighter than flannel or heavy cotton, so I would consider them more of a warm weather pant than a fall and winter pant. I have no problem wearing mine year round in Chicago.
Good things, I'm sure.
 Thanks. It's Tie Your Tie for No Man Walks Alone. And the suit is tough to beat. It's a navy hopsack that I wear when doing my impression of a sanitation worker ( see post 10 and beyond).
Agreed in part. I have never previously worn these shoes with this suit (typically burgundy cordovan or dark brown suede), but today is a teaching day and I had received the request to try wearing a lighter shade of shoes like my students would with a navy suit so they could see what the old man looks like when he's trying to be hip. lol
Shapes:   Colors:
Thanks and yes you do. Chris's work deserves better photography. The skewed angles I took aren't the most flattering. I look forward to doing better some day soon.
It is from Despos. My jackets are mostly 3 roll 2, but this obviously rolls higher than my others. I assume it will settle lower, but time will tell and I know Chris will work it out if I prefer a deeper roll. This fabric was suggested by Chris in the Unfunded Liabilities thread a while back ( It's a winner. Another forum member asked me earlier today how well it would...
 And looked sharp!
New jacket today:   
I just picked up my latest sport coat from Chris on Saturday. I'll get it up here soon.
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