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You're just suggesting he move back closer to the "norm." His clothes (and beard) clearly communicate it isn't his intention to present a normal look. I interpret that his is trying to look cartoonish/comical. To that end, mission accomplished and normalizing the fit degrades that purposes. Now, personally, I don't find the fit to be attractive, inspired, or inspiring, but I'm sure others do.
I agree 100%. It's awful.
 Because it looks good.
I would like this story better if your wife had the unbridled reaction to my pictures. 
 If this is a real statement from your wife and you aren't interested in blowing up your relationship, turn off the computer, walk away from the forum for a bit, and focus on more important things.
Someone PM the copycat to me.
 I don't think it looks silly. 8cm tie and 3.5" or wider lapel:  [[SPOILER]]
I need this in gray.
I don't have much to say about the Lothier, that's not my style, but I tried on my Malkos with my thinnest socks tonight. They have some extra width/volume, but nothing that is uncomfortable. There is room in the toe box to size down, but I always think that heel to ball is the most critical and it is perfect for me in an 11. I would stick with a half size down.
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