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 I hate darts in all instances.I have no problem with removing the box pleat on that specific shirt.It looks cool, I'm a fan.
 I'd be happy to pay $165 for these shirts. Without question.
@Epaulet, whatever you do with shirts, you definitely need to hook me up with the ability to buy some more speckled chambray shirts (http://epauletnewyork.com/products/epaulet-by-new-england-washed-heavyweight-speckled-chambray-shirt). And those chambrays you made with Individualized for "Christopher Wallace" (like he'd fit into my XLs) are un-fucking-beatable (http://epauletnewyork.com/products/natural-indigo-pima-cotton-chambray). I want more of each. Please?!
I wear 12 in Nike and Vans, 11.5 in Chuck Taylors, and I wear an US 11.5 / EU 45 in Epaulet. No guarantee, but that's the size I'd get.
Make that overshirt and take my money!!!
 I agree with all of this.
I found Epaulet when making my first Alden boot purchase in 2012. I have since bought one more pair of Alden's through Epaulet. I have about 50 or so other Epaulet orders. So by that measure, that first pair of snuff suede chukkas led to $10k+ in non-Alden orders at Epaulet. So I can see the thought process behind wanting to keep that entry point open. But honestly, in 2017, there is no way that I would find Epaulet because of Alden. That just not how you're positioned...
45 in the P2 or F last. Suede in particular.
They're not dry. That's the Chromexcel Alden uses.
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