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 My mistake, I meant the Scott & Charters cashmere: 
 It's a versatile casual color, that's for sure.
I can see why that would bug you. It would probably bug me as well. But as a third party looking at your pics, the third pic looks pretty awesome.
Thanks, gents. A threesome got me in trouble once before (many moons ago), so I'll stick with hat trick (also because I'm a Blawkhawks fan and it rhymes with my name).I left off the Gray cashmere cable sweater because I don't have a full shot of it, but that sweater is probably the best of the bunch. I should get a shot of it and a better one of the Esemplare.
 From what I've seen, I think that's right.
For me: [[SPOILER]]
 Exactly. My arms didn't fit in the L. Literally, didn't fit.  Regarding the Esemplare, it is labeled a 3XL, which is funny, but it is the best fitting most perfectly proportioned (for me) sweater I have. Shoulders, chest, waist, length, arm length, neck opening, are all dead on perfect. NMWA: buy more items or have more items made for you on the Humphreys pattern. 
Only for VIPs. Sorry. Mine came with six sets each.
It's why I took and posted the pic. I thought others might be surprised as well.
I do not. In fact, I was specifically gentle with these because I could tell the one lace was weak from the start. My first pair of tanino have been worn a lot more and there is no weakness in the laces at all. But having had plenty of shoes with leather laces before, sometimes you just get a weak lace and it will snap without much effort. I suspected this was fairly well known and that's why you send the pair of cotton laces with each order. Regardless, it isn't a...
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