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I haven't seen a lot of Gray fits. They call this a thick/hefty-gauge knit. Yes indeed.
 Of course.  Yes and yes. Twice a week I am out to dinner with my wife and two sons after we have been in our Pilates class. At those times, we are all wearing our workout gear. These sweats would fit in that context, but the reality is they still would not be stylish, cool, or anything other than sweats. There are times and places for everything, including sweats, but that's what these are - the quality of materials and construction and fit don't make them stylish, cool,...
I love Epaulet, but...No no no no no no no. No.
 I like it. I think the colors are great, I think the jacket works well with the sweater, I think all is right, except the pants hem, which then interferes with the rest of the fit up the leg. It's a minor point, but I think it makes a difference. I think if you are going to have that extra length in the pants hem, it should be able to fall over the heel of the shoe, which then keeps the fit over the lower leg a little cleaner. I only had a few pictures to choose from on...
 That's an understatement from my perspective. If you are wearing them with a coat, I would have some harmony between the amount of shirt collar/shirt cuff/pant cuff that is presented.
That's flattering. I will give it some thought after I get through this week at work.
@Tsung A 45 in the F last is a good fit for me. But I am a solid 11.5 Brannock and appear to be a half size larger than you. I am not planning on buying those shoes, so I am not running a misdirection play.
 If you like my style, I can do that all day long. :)
 I would like to see this. Any additional direction you can provide?
I was in SF for the storm yesterday and wore exactly those boots. Entirely untreated. Perfect boot for the conditions.I'd love to see a pic of the darkened welt.
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